Thursday, 2 April 2009

A-Walking: Our Weardale Wander

We set off from a lay-by on the B6278 road near Stanhope Bridge {NY 986 391} at about 11.00 am. There were eight of us in the group: PB, RB, KF, CH, JJ, PY, JY and Rob. PB led the walk.

After crosing the River Wear (see picture below) we turned right along a narrow minor road that took us to Aller Gill Cottage {NY 977 384}. Here we turned left off the road and walked up-hill through the farm.

River Wear at Stanhope Bridge.
We continued up-hill in a southerly direction to reach Newlandside Farm {NY 976 376} where we turned right onto a south-westerly bearing. We then followed a zig-zag path uphill to reach Round Hill {NY 977 367} and then Carrs Top {NY 961 355}. From here we had an arduous trek over the peat hags in order to reach Snowhope Hill and then to Outberry Plain where we turned east - following the boundary fence.

As we were now at the highest point of our route (2126 feet), there was quite a cold wind blowing - very different from our starting point back in Stanhope. There was now lots of snow, ice and cold water under foot. As it was now well after 13.00 hrs, most people were wanting their lunch! As there was no obvious cover anywhere to be seen, we decided to 'huddle-down' in one of the peat hags at {NY 945 333} for our lunch stop.

After lunch we continued our 'battle' over the peat hags - moving in an easterly direction to reach the trig-point on Harnisha Hill near Raven Seat. We continued to loose height as we passed Three Laws and descended to the B6278 road at {NY 992 318}. Now we had a gentle climb up to the currick on Long Man.

We continued on to Pawlaw Pike {NZ 007 322} and then took a north-easterley bearing (passing Five Pikes {NZ 013 329} on our left) to reach the point {NZ 036 341} where we had to leave the high ground in order to descend to Frosterley. We could see the town way below us in the distance on our left.

We dropped down to Allotment House {NZ 031 343} and then followed the minor road in a northerly direction to White Kirkley. Just after here, at {NZ 025 360}, we had to make a diversion from the originally planned route because the footbridge at {NZ 030 367} over the River Wear into Frosterley was in need of repair (see picture below).

Bridge over River Wear at Frosterley
Bearing in mind the state of the above bridge, we re-routed along the minor road from Low Bishopley in order to cross the river at Frosterley Bridge {NZ 023 369} to reach our coach which was parked on the A689 road at {NZ 024 370}.

Despite the conditions under foot and the very variable weather conditions that we encountered, we had a great day. Click the button below to see the GPS tracklog of where we went and the walk statistics.

Click the button below in order to see a selection of the photographs that were
taken during our Weardale expedition:

A major route amendment had to be made during the execution of the walk plan, click the button below to see an analysis of this:



At 2 April 2009 at 01:38 , Blogger martin73 said...

Good write-up and photo's there Phil, wishing I'll been out. See you Sunday.


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