Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A-Walking: The Lealholm Loop

Today's expedition (10-05-2009) was a substitute for the Ilam weekend adventures which, unfortunately, had to be cancelled.

We set off from the round-about on the A171 Whitby road {NZ 870 099} (see the picture below) at about 10.50 am. There were 7 people in the group: JB, LB, PB, RB, CH, MH and WM. WM led the walk.

Setting off from the A171 near Whitby
After leaving the round-about, we headed off in a northerly direction to pass through the small village of Newholm and then went across several fields in order to reach Raithwaite Hall. From here we dropped down to the coast at Sandsend and went across the beach to the car park at {NZ 860 129}. Here we joined the Cleveland Way (CW) and followed this in a northerly direction to Kettleness. We sat on the cliffs at NZ 832 157 (MH precariously so!) to eat our lunch and admire the views of the sea and the rocks beneath us.

After lunch we continued along the CW to a public right of way (PRW) at NZ 829 155 which took us in a southerly direction to join the course of an old dismantled railway. We followed this in a westerly direction until it looped around to meet the PRW at NZ 815 142 which we then followed to Westfields Farm {NZ 813 139}. Our south-westerly trek then took us along High Dale where we encountered some beautiful, colourful displays of bluebells and gorse bushes. We continued on our SW bearing to the small village of Mickelby {NZ 803 129}. Now heading south, we passed through Ugthorpe {NZ 800 111} and Coquet Nook {NZ 799 089} to reach the A171 road - from which we originally started (some 4.5 miles to the east).

After crossing the A171 road, we steered an intricate route via Moor Side Farm, Howe House, Westonby Farm and Thornhill Farm to arrive at the venue for our tea stop. We had our short break in a very pleasant wooded area near Stonegate Beck {NZ 784 071}. After our tea stop we pushed on in a westerly direction to reach Hall Park Farm and then Underpark Farm {NZ 771 070}. Here we turned right onto a north-westerly bearing and followed a good track to Lealholm - where our coach was waiting to pick us up (see the picture below).

Arriving at the coach in Lealholm
Many thanks to WM for organising such an interesting and exciting adventure for us today. We had a really great time. Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the sights we saw.




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