Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Just a very short walk today

While 'everyone' was enjoying the SRC Lakes day, I did a little something closer to home! No rucksack, no compass, no GPS, no map, no water and no boots! I did this one in sandals1 - much to my regret (when I got wet feet). I didn't even take my camera - other than the one that resides inside my mobile phone.

So, on Sunday, 21st June (the Summer Solstice) I took my two daughters (Hannah and Steph) over to Clay Bank car park where we left the car. From there we walked up the approach track to Hasty Bank Farm (see the picture below2) and then onwards to Garfitts and the Wain Stones.

Hannah and Steph holding their fir cones
From the Wain Stones, we followed the Cleveland Way in an easterly direction to White Hill. Because the weather was so good we had some tremendous views. We sat for a while on the warm rocks and watched the world go by. The cars below (on the B1257 road) looked like ants 'busying' their way to where-ever they were going. We could not hear their noise; the silence was sheer bliss.

From White Hill we made the steep descent back to Clay Bank car park and drove home for tea - which, of course, was cooked by Dad!

What a great afternoon we had; only 3 miles and about 800 feet of ascent. However, it was sufficient to relax the mind, spirit and body after a hard week 'on the road' (Hatfield, London, Swansea and then home to Middlesbrough).

1 walking in my sandals was not an intentional activity and it was not done through choice! I just forgot to put my walking boots into the car.
2 as I did not have my camera with me, this photograph was taken on my mobile phone.



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