Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A-Walking: Ilkley Intrigue

Today's expedition (2-08-2009) set off from the small village of Blubberhouses and went west via Beamsley Beacon to arrive at our ultimate destination in Ilkley. The first two of these locations brought back some vivid memories of good times spent participating in the Blubberhouses Moor 25 long-distance challenge walk (see the "Memories" button at the end of this posting).

We set off from Blubberhouses at about 11.15 am. There were 5 people in the group: PB, CH, JJ, JY and PY. JJ led the walk.

Church at Blubberhouses
Initially, our trek took us in a north-westerly direction along the banks of the River Washburn towards Thruscross Reservoir. We crossed the dam and followed a minor road north to {SE 156 581} where we turned left and followed a permissive path around the reservoir. This took us to a minor road at {SE 137 583} near Duke's Hill. We walked along this road in a south-easterly direction to {SE 143 577} where we took a footpath on our right. We followed this in a southerly direction in order to reach Spittle Ings House {SE 137 568}. From here, we took a south-westerly bearing in order to reach Ramsgill Head and the A59 road near Kexgill Farm {SE 123 550}.

After crossing the A59 road we encountered our first (and only) major climb of the day. This took us up onto Round Hill {SE 121 536}. From here we followed the high ground in a south-westerly trek to reach Beamsley Beacon {SE 099 524} - see the picture below.

Beamsley Beacon
We descended from the beacon to meet a minor road/track near Beacon Hill House {SE 096 517}. Turning east, we made our way to Wards End {SE 105 518} where we changed our bearing to a south easterly one in order to cross Middleton Moor. This part of the walk took us through an area containing 'Cup and Ring' marked rocks.

After crossing the moor to reach {SE 114 505} we followed Park Lane in a southerly direction in order to reach Primrose Hill {SE 112 499}. We passed Myddleton Lodge {SE 111 491} on our right and then entered Coppy/Middleton Woods {SE 115 490} - emerging at {SE 118 487} on the outskirts of the town of Ilkley. Now heading south, we crossed the River Wharfe using the road bridge at {SE 117 480}. We continued for a short distance on our southerly bearing (along Brook Street - see picture below) in order to reach Ilkley Railway Station {SE 119 476} where our expedition finished.

We had a great day today. The weather was superb - as were the views we experienced. Many thanks to JJ for taking us on such a fantastic route. Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and photos of some of the scenary that we saw.


During today's walk I did something rather 'silly'! I tripped over a 'sleeping policeman' - click here for the full story!



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