Friday, 9 October 2009

A-Walking: Haworth Howler

The walk today (Saturday) was the first of two expeditions undertaken from Haworth Youth Hostel over the weekend of 3-4 October. Our circular route took us from the hostel up onto Penistone Hill and then back to the hostel via Bronte Bridge, Watersheddles Reservoir, Keighley Moor Reservoir, Newsholme and Mytholmes.

We set off from the Youth Hostel (see the picture below) at about 9.30 am. There were four people in the group: JB, PB, RB and KF. PB led the walk.

Haworth Youth Hostel
Leaving the hostel in a south-westerly direction along Longlands Drive, we turned right onto the B6142 road and went downhill on a south-westerly bearing to reach Haworth Railway Station. From here we climbed up along cobbled streets to the church at {SE 030 372} and then picked a route - via the Balcony {SE 028 370} - up to the trig point on Penistone Hill {SE 024 367}. We then made our way west to a minor road at {SE 017 364} where we joined the Bronte Way (BW). Following this in a westerly direction we passed by Lower Laithe Reservoir on our right and continued to Bronte Bridge {SD 998 358}. We used this to cross over South Dene Beck and then climbed up out of the valley (in a northerly direction) to join the Pennine Way (PW) at {SD 996 363}. We followed this to Rush Isles {SD 996 371} and then continued with it, along the side of Ponden Reservoir (see the picture below), to reach Whitestone Farm. We left the PW just before the farm, at {SD 987 373}, and continued along the BW in a north-westerly direction to cross over the River Worth using a footbridge at {SD 976 377}. Continuing along the side of the beck, we stopped for a short lunch break at {SD 973 379}.

Ponden Reservoir
After our very brief lunch stop we made our way along the valley bottom to the dam at Watersheddles Reservoir {SD 969 381}. This was the third of the four reservoirs that we passed during this expedition. We left the BW here and followed a minor road in a south-easterly direction for about 425 yards in order to reach a northerly footpath at {SD 973 380}. Taking this path, we now made our way up hill to {SD 974 385} where we turned onto an easterly bearing in order to re-join the PW at {SD 982 386}. We stayed with the PW for about 475 yards (until we reached Old Bess Hill {SD 979 389}) and then made a north-easterly trek across Oakworth Moor to reach Keighley Moor Reservoir at {SD 989 393}. Joining the Millenium Way (MW), we crossed the dam and then continued our north-easterly trek to reach Morkin Bridge {SE 002 404} and, after a climb, Todley Hall Road {SE 013 410}.

From the road, we descended down into Newsholme Dean and crossed Dean Beck using some old stone footbridges at {SE 018 405}. Just as we were about to enter the wood at {SE 019 404}, the sun began to shine and some blue sky appeared. We decided to make the most of this break in the weather and stopped for a short tea-break.

Following our very welcome short break, we had a good climb out of the valley in order to reach the small village of Newsholme {SE 020 398}. This was followed by another short climb up to the minor road (Green Lane) and a further short climb along White Lane in order to reach a southerly path at {SE 019 388}. We took this path, turning left at its junction with Turnshaw Road. We left this latter track at {SE 022 389} by turning right onto a public footpath that took us in a south-easterly direction to a minor road at {SE 026}. Turning right, and going uphill for about 50 yards, we turned left onto a track that took us downhill to another minor road at {SE 028 382}. Turning left, we headed for an electricity pylon at {SE 029 382} and, beyond it, a footpath that took us to a downhill path at {SE 029 383}. We followed this in a south-easterly direction towards Mytholmes and crossed the River Worth using a road bridge at {SE 034 380}. Staying on our SE bearing, we crossed over the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway at {SE 036 376} and, after passing the mill on our left (see the picture below), joined the B6142 road at {SE 036 374}. From here we made our way (uphill) to the Youth Hostel.

During the walk today we were exposed to some rather inclement weather. We faced gale-force, howling winds and were exposed to incessant rainy periods. Towards the end of the expedition the sun did appear and we got some blue sky. However, the wind stayed with us throughout the day. Nevertheless, despite the conditions we had a really great day.

Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the sights that we saw.


Some of the entries in the Photo Gallery were taken during the pre-walk check on 19th August - these will undoubtedly reflect different weather conditons to those we experienced on the actual walk.



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