Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A-Walking: Kepwick Kicker

Following last week's successful expeditions in County Durham, our activities this week took us to the south-western region of the North York Moors. Our route today took us from the Visitors' Centre at Sutton Bank {SE 516 830} (see picture below) to Kepwick via Cold Kirby, Old Byland, Tylas Farm, Coomb Hill, Hawnby and Arden Hall.

We set off from our drop-off point at the Visitors' Centre at about 10.15 am. There were 6 people in the group: JB, PB, RB, KF, CH and LM. PB led the walk.

Sutton Bank
We left the Sutton Bank Visitors' Centre in an easterly direction along the A170 road. At the Hambleton Inn {SE 524 830} we turned left along a good track towards Hambleton House {SE 524 834}. Just before the house we turned right onto the Cleveland Way (CW) long-distance footpath. We now followed the route of the CW in an easterly direction to {SE 528 835}. At this point we turned left onto a northerly bearing across fields to reach {SE 527 840}. Swinging to the right, we followed Cote Moor Road (a track) into the small village of Cold Kirby {SE 531 845}.

From the centre of the village, we circled around the back of the church to reach a track (Low Field Lane) at {SE 535 844}. Turning left along this lane, we followed it in an easterly direction and then descended into the woods leading into Flassen Dale {SE 535 844}. We paused for a group photograph at {SE 549 846}.

Continuing along the CW in an easterly direction, we came to a style and footbridge on our left {SE 556 846} - at the west end of Nettle Dale. We left the CW here and had a very pleasant climb in a north-westerly direction through Callister Wood to reach the open fields at {SE 553 849}. We now headed north across the fields in the direction of Old Byland {SE 550 859}.

After passing through the village, we took a public footpath at {SE 552 860} and followed this on a northerly bearing to find a 'finger-post' in the corner of a field at {SE 551 864}. At this point, we turned right in order to make an easterly trek to Tylas Barn {SE 561 866}. We had some very good views of Rievaulx Abbey (see here) from our vantage point on the high ground.

From Tylas Barn we descended to Tylas Farm where we turned onto a northerly bearing. Our route now took us to Barnclose Farm {SE 566 871}. Just after the farm we turned into north-westerly bearing in order to follow a public footpath that took us along the western side of Rye Dale. Because of the wonderful views that we had from here, we decided to take a short lunch break just at the edge of Hag Wood {SE 562 875}.

As we left our lunch spot, we had some very picturesque views of Easterside Hill (see here) as we made our way north towards Shaken Bridge Farm {SE 558 882}. Just before the farm we dropped down to the minor road at {SE 559 883}. As we made our descent, there were some very good views of Shaken Bridge and the River Rye. Turning left along the minor road, we followed this in a north-westerly direction to find a footpath (on our right at {SE 550 888}) just before we reached Ristbrow Farm.

Taking this fotpath, we followed it to Hawnby Bridge (SE 543 893} where we crossed the River Rye. Turning left, we followed the minor road into and through the village of Hawnby {SE 542 894} - see the picture below.

Leaving the village of Hawnby, we stayed with the road - following it to Delicar Bridge and then Church Bridge {SE 535 899}. Just after the bridge we turned left along a footpath that took us in a westerly direction pass Carr Woods (on our left) and into Nag's Head Wood {SE 530 899}. While in the wood we 'followed the contours' in a clockwise quarter-circle around Coomb Hill. At {SE 523 902} we emerged from the wood and made our way to {SE 520 903}.

At this point, the public footpath did a mysterious 'about turn' and took us in a north-easterly direction to a very muddy track. This led us down down an extremely steep hill to the minor road at {SE 523 904}. Following this in a westerly direction, we made our way to the entrance of Arden Hall. We took a northerly path through the grounds - stopping for a short tea break at {SE 518 907}.

After our tea break we climbed up to {SE 519 909} where we turned left along a good forest track through North Moor Wood. This led us in a westerly direction along the northern side of Thorodale. As we went through the woods we had some very good climbs. Emerging from the wood at {SE 502 916}, we made our way downhill to the beck at {SE 500 916}. We followed the course of this to {SE 497 917} where we commenced our final major ascent of the day - up to {SE 495 919}. This was a really steep one - but the views back down through Thorodale were really fantastic.

As soon as our climb was over, we made our way in a westerly direction to {SE 490 919} where we crossed the Cleveland Way. Continuing on our westerly trek, we started to make our ascent from the high ground. As we made our way downhill, we could see the B-Party ahead of us - their number counting to 36 in total. We continued in 'hot persuit' of our colleagues and by the time we reached Nab Farm {SE 476 921} we had passed them. However, SR decided to stay with us as we pushed on downhill to reach the minor road at {SE 469 918}. At this point I decided to introduce a minor 'amendment to route' (see here).

Instead of following some field paths that lay a little further to the west, I decided to proceed to Kepwick (our final destination) using the minor road that entered the village at {SE 470 910}. This gave us a slightly shorter route than the one that was originally planned - but I thought it would be less muddy. As a result of taking the road, we were able to finish the walk with a nice little climb from {SE 470 910} up to {SE 470 910}. As we arrived in the village, our coach was waiting for us just near to the entrance to Kepwick Hall (see the picture below).

Well, what a great expedition we had today! We had no rain, lots of good climbs, a steady pace and, to crown it all, lots of mud. What walker could wish for more? We had a really great time - at least until our coach broke down in Stockton!

Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the sights we saw.




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