Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Osmotherley Overview

This Sunday's walk (2010-01-03) was to be our very first walking expedition of the 2010 season of SRC events. It was based in the western region of the North York Moors. Our route should have taken us from the small village of Osmotherley {SE 456 972} to Whorlton Moor, Barker's Ridge, Carlton Moor, Cote House and Carlton-in-Cleveland - where our trek would have terminated.

Sadly, our coach was cancelled due to the snowy conditions. However, by mid-day the heavy snow-storms had stopped. I therefore decided to undertake a trip to Osmotherely in order to have a look at some of the beautiful winter sights that would not be on display during other, warmer, times of the year.

As is shown in the picture below, the approach road into Osmotherley from the west was quite clear. The roads I used to get to Osmotherly (via Stokesley) and return (via the A19) were also in a good condition - considering the amount of snow that had fallen.

Approaching Osmotherley
I drove around the village looking for a parking spot and eventually managed to find one on the opposite side of the road to the stone cottages depicted in the photograph shown below.

From my 'docking' point I walked around the village taking various photographs of interesting snowy scenes. Sadly, there were more lovely things to photograph than there was time available.

As can be seen from the clock on the church tower in the following picture, there was probably only about one hour's daylight left before it would get too dark to take any more photographs.

Osmotherley Church
I therefore decided to make my way through the village to the village green and then go up the road in a northerly direction (towards Quarry Lane) in order to have a look at Cod Beck Reservoir. As can be seen in the following scene, this was nicely iced over - just like a 'giant' Christmas cake!

Cod Beck Reservoir
The snow-laden ground on the horizon in the above photograph is part of Whorlton Moor. This is where the A-walk would have gone - had the coach not been cancelled!




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