Thursday, 15 April 2010

A-Walking: Hambleton Highlights

Our three walks this Sunday (11th April) each took place in the western region of the North York Moors. The A-walk started at Ingleby Cross; the B-walk began at Osmotherley; and the C-walk commenced at Kepwick. All walks finished at Sutton Bank {SE 516 831}.

After leaving the road junction near Ingleby Cross {NZ 451 005}, the intent of the A-Group's expedition was to visit Cod Beck Reservoir and Oakdale and then follow the Cleveland Way (CW) long-distance footpath to High Paradise Farm. We were then to make a diversion to Boltby before rejoining the CW at High Barn and continuing on to the visitors' centre at Sutton Bank.

We set off from our drop-off point at about 10.20 am. there were 9 people in the group: JPB, PB, RB, KF, CH, MH, CL, KL and LM. CH and MH led the walk.

From our drop-off point we headed in a south-easterly direction along the access road to Arncliffe Hall {NZ 454 002}. At {SE 4553 9997} we turned left onto a forest track that took us through Arncliffe Wood in a north-easterly direction towards Cog Hole {NZ 459 002}. We continued along the forest track until we reached a footpath at {NZ 465 005}. From here we had a good climb up through the woods to reach the 'bowder stone' at {NZ 463 003} (see the picture below) and the viewing point at {SE 460 999}.

Bowder stone
We left Arncliffe Wood at {SE 461 999} and then crossed Scarth Wood Moor on a south-easterly bearing to reach the northern end of Cod Beck Reservoir {SE 468 992}. We now followed the footpath on the western bank of the reservoir in order to make our way to the dam wall at {SE 462 986}. After crossing the dam, we navigated a route through the woods near Cote Garth so as to reach Green Lane {SE 467 980}. Turning right, we trekked in a south-south-westerly direction along the lane (track) to reach a minor road at {SE 464 968} where we joined the Cleveland Way. This took us in an east-south-easterly direction to Oakdale. We passed the two reservoirs (on our right) and then had the second climb of the day: up to the car park at Square Corner {SE 480 959}.

Oakdale Reservoir
From the car park we continued on a southerly bearing, passing Hambleton End on our left. Following our climb up onto Black Hambleton, we stopped for a short lunch break at {SE 481 942}. The location at which we stopped gave us some tremendous views to the west.

Continuing along the CW, we made our way to Hambleton Street and followed this to the track junction at White Gill Head {SE 491 932} where we turned onto a southerly bearing. We kept this bearing until we reached a track junction at {SE 489 909} on Little Moor.

Staying with the CW, we moved to a bearing of 155° and made our way (via Steeple Cross {SE 495 901}) to Dale Town Common. At the track junction near Hambleton Road {SE 505 890} we turned right and passed through High Paradise Farm {SE 503 888}. We now started our descent to the low ground. We left the route of the CW at {SE 504 883} and dropped down to Low Paradise Farm {SE 502 881}.

Low Paradise Farm
Now descending in a south-westerly (SW) direction, we crossed Lunshaw Beck at {SE 501 879}. Maintaining our SW bearing, we made our way across the fields to reach a minor road at {SE 495 867}. Turning right we went up hill in the direction of Boltby. After about 145 yards we took a path on our left at {SE 495 866}. Now moving in an easterly direction, we went downhill and crossed Lunshaw Beck again at {SE 496 866}.

At {SE 499 865} we embarked on the third (and major) climb of the day. We zig-zagged up the hill to reach High Barn {SE 507 866} where we re-joined the CW. Turning right, we proceeded in a southerly direction towards Boltby Scar where we stopped, near Hambleton Mosses {SE 507 861}, for a short tea break. Sitting rather precariously on the edge of the scar, we had some spectacular views of Boltby and the surrounding area from our tea-stop location.

After tea we continued our southerly trek along the eastern side of South Woods with Hambleton Down on our left. As we went south, we had some good views of Gormire Lake (see picture below) and Whitestone Cliff.

Gormire Lake
At {SE 508 835} our track swung onto a south-easterly bearing and went along Sutton Brow until it crossed the A170 road at {SE 514 830}. At this point we left the CW and made our way to the Visitors' Centre at Sutton Bank {SE 516 831} where our coach was waiting nearby - ready to take us home!

Many thanks to CH and MH for organising such an interesting and exciting adventure for us today. We had a really great time. Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the sights we saw.




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