Thursday, 1 December 2011

Levada Walking in Madeira

During the week of the 14th through 21st November, Jane Thompson and Phil Barker undertook a 'winter expedition' to Madeira in order to walk along some of the famous levadas.

We established our 'base camp' at the Porto Mare Hotel {N 32° 38.261' W 16° 56.002'} in the Funchal area - see the picture below.

 View of the coastline near Funchal 

In order to facilitate any navigational issues that might have arisen, we took our GPS facility with us on our trip. This was an invaluable tool for locating the start of our walks and recording our routes along those levadas that we chose to explore.

Prior to our walking expeditions, we entered the locations of strategic points into the GPS as latitude and longitude settings. These were very useful - especially where we had to find 'link-up' routes between different levadas.

As well as completing some of the levadas, we also climbed to the top of the highest peak on the island - Pico Ruivo at 6200 feet.

Click here in order to see some of the photos that we took during our expedition.



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