Thursday, 19 January 2012

Weardale Walkabout (2012-01-15)

On Sunday, 15th January, we had a great day taking photographs and checking out Jane's forthcoming A-walk - which is scheduled for 25th March, 2012.

We used the Manor House Hotel in West Auckland as our 'base camp'. From here we motored to Frosterley and did the circular walk in lovely frosty conditions.

We covered a distance of 16.3 miles with four major climbs that totalled about 2700 feet of ascent. Our moving average was 3.1 mph and our overall average was 2.4 mph.

The walk took us a total of 6 hours and 43 minutes (our moving time was 5.25 hrs and our stop time was 1.5 hrs). I guess we will have to 'speed up' on the day! We had just one refreshment stop near Sharnberry Gill {NZ 016 307}.

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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