Thursday, 21 June 2012

A-Walking: from Ingram to Powburn via Hedgehope Hill

Our three walks on Sunday, 17th June, were all based in the lovely Northumbrian countryside surrounding the Breamish Valley area. Each of the walks started from Ingram and finished in Powburn.
The A-walk took in a 17-mile route via Hedgehope Hill (2330 feet) and was led by Phil Barker (pictured below). There were six people in the group.
A-walk leader - Phil Barker
Our coach dropped us off in the car park at Bulby's Wood. We then set off in a westerly direction (following the course of the River Breamish) in order to reach Hartside and then Linhope.
After passing the waterfall at Linhope Spout we made our way on a northerley bearing towards Hedgehope Hill. Just before the top, in order to eat our lunch, we took shelter from the rain and wind within the cover of some trees at the western edge of Threestoneburn Wood.
Following our lunch-stop, we continued our climb up to the trig point on Hedgehope Hill. The ascent was quite arduous because of the mud and water under-foot. However, by the time we reached the summit, the weather had improved and the views were quite spectacular.
We now had a steep descent off Hedgehope Hill; after this, we made our way to Long Crags and Tathey Crags and then entered Threestoneburn Wood using a gate at {NT 969 209}. We followed a path through the wood on a route that would take us to Threestoneburn House and then The Dod. We now navigated a route (on a south-easterly bearing) that took us around Reaveley Hill and brought us to a road junction near Ingram {NU 019 165}.
Turning left, we now went along the minor road that runs along the northern bank of the River Breamish. This road took us to a wonderful footbridge at {NU 040 169} near the village of Brandon. After crossing the river, we now made our way to Branton - and continued along a minor road towards Breamish House. We eventually arrived at our final destination in Powburn - about twenty minutes late.
Apologies to everyone on the coach - for keeping you waiting. Sadly, it turned out that we had to do what would have been a wonderful 'summer' walk under, what turned out to be, 'winter' conditions!
Some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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