Thursday, 9 May 2013

A-Walking: Hawes Circular

Our three walks on Sunday, 5th May, each took place in the Wensleydale area of North Yorkshire. The A-Walk started in Hawes, the B-Walk started nearby in Hardraw and the C-Walk comenced at the Moorcock Inn.
The A-Walk was led by Jane Thompson (pictured below). Jane's route took us on an anti-clockwise circular trek from Hawes. There were seven walkers in the group and we covered a distance of 14.6 miles.
Jane Thompson - A-Walk leader

After leaving our drop-off location in Hawes we made our way north to Sedbusk and North Rakes Hill (1730 feet). From here we followed a good track in a north westerly direction to reach Shivery Gill. We stopped for lunch at some rocks (High Millstones) on the west side of Abbotside Common. Continuing north, we next made our way across boggy moorland in order to reach Lovely Seat (2235 feet).
We descended from Lovely Seat on a north-westerly bearing to reach the cattle grid on the minor road at {SD 867 955}. From here, our final climb took us up to Little Shunner Fell (2140 feet) and onwards to Great Shunner Fell (2360 feet). We stopped here for a short tea-break and then followed the route of the Pennine Way in a southerly direction. This took us to Hearne Head, Hearne Top and Hardraw. We then had a pleasant walk across the fields back to Hawes.
Unfortunately, much of today's A-Walk was over wet, boggy moorland. Also, because most of the walk took place in misty conditions (due to low-lying cloud) we did not see any of the magificent views we might otherwise have experienced had the weather and visibility been better.
Because we did not get very many good views today, the photographs that we took have been augmented by those that were taken when we did the pre-walk check. Click on the following button to see the photographs.

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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