Friday, 22 November 2013

A-Walking: Stainton Bank to Barnard Castle via Woolly Hill

Our three walks on Sunday, 17th November, each took place in the Teesdale area of County Durham. The A-Walk started at Stainton Bank on the A688 road (near Stainton Grove) and finished in Barnard Castle. The B-Walk and C-Walk each took the form of circular treks that started and finished in Barnard Castle.
The A-Walk was led by Phil Barker - pictured below. Due to a number of other walking activities that were taking place, there were just two walkers in the group - Phil and Jane! The route covered a distance of 16.5 miles and took in Stainton, Streatlam Grange, Spring Gardens, Chapel House, Beckside, East House, Langleydale Common, Dale Terrace, Woolly Hills, Nemour Hill, Hill Top, Eggleston, Barnley, Cotherstone Crag and Tees Bank.
Phil Barker - A-Walk leader

Leaving our drop-off location on the A688 road, we headed north across the fields to the small village of Stainton. Continuing on a northerly bearing we then made our way to Streatlam Grange. From here we navigated a route via Spring Gardens and Hillingdon to the road junction at Chapel House on the B6279 road. We now followed Sadler Lane in a northerly direction until we reached Beckside. At this point we changed to a north-westerly bearing and headed across the fields to reach East House and Billy Lane. Turning right along the lane, we followed this to its junction with the B6282 road on Langleydale Common. We now followed the B6282 road in an easterly direction to the road bridge near Dale Terrace. Just after the road bridge we turned left onto a farm track and followed this in a westerly direction up pass the farm on Woolly Hill and onwards to our lunch-stop location near Coldthorn Nook.
After our short lunch-break, we continued on a westerly bearing until we reached Nemour Hill and then descended from the moorland terrain down into Teesdale - arriving at Hill Top and then Eggleston where we crossed the A6282 road near its junction with the A6821. From here we followed a south-easterly path to West Barnley and then East Barnley. We now joined the route of the Teesdale Way long-distance footpath. We followed this in a southerly direction towards Shipley Wood and Cotherstone Crag. Staying with the Teesdale Way, we now followed the route of the River Tees until we reached West Holme House, East Holme House, Tees Bank and, finally, our destination in Barnard Castle.
As we arrived back in good time, we were able to partake of a very welcome cup-of-tea in the No 3 Cafe in Calgate before heading home on the coach.
A selection of some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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