Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sunday Walking to Alston

On Sunday, 23rd August, the Stockton Rambling Club will have three walks in the Nenthead area of Cumbria. All walks will finish in Alston {NY 717 465} - see the following maps.
Map of the Cowshill to Alston area
Map of the Cowshill to Alston area
Crown Copyright (2015). All rights reserved. Licence No. 100046831.
Produced using Anquet Maps.

The A-walk will start at Cowshill {NY 855 406} and will take in Allendale Common, Killhope Law and Nenthead.
The B-walk will commence at Nentsberry {NY 764 451} and will visit Wellhope Moor, Fairplay, Blakelaw Cross and Blagill.
The C-walk will set off from Nenthead {NY 781 437} and will pass through Flinty Fell, Ashgillside, Looming Head and a section of the Pennine Way.
This is a Route 3 coach pick-up (Acklam: 9.00 am, Stockton: 9.15 am and Billingham: 9.30 am).


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