Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sunday Walking to Reeth

On Sunday, 17th April, the Stockton Rambling Club will have three walks in the Wensleydale/Swaledale areas of North Yorkshire. All walks will finish in Reeth {SE 038 993} - see the following map.
Map of the Wensley to Reeth area
Crown Copyright (2016). All rights reserved. Licence No. 100046831.
Produced using Anquet Maps.

The A-walk will start at Wensley {SE 091 896} and will take in Castle Bolton, Apedale Head, Isles Bridge and Barneys Beck.
The B-walk will also commence at Wensley and will visit Castle Bolton, Dent's Houses, Harksifde Moor and Grinton.
The C-walk will set off from Leyburn {SE 111 905} and will pass through Leyburn Shawl, Preston-Under-Scar, Benton Pits and Cogden Moor.
This is a Route 2 coach pick-up (Billingham: 9.00 am, Acklam: 9.15 am and Stockton: 9.30 am).


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