Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday Rambles to Richmond

On Sunday, 8th February, the Stockton Rambling Club will have three walks in the Richmond area of North Yorkshire. All walks will finish in Richmond {NZ 171 011} - see the following map.

The A-walk will start at Broken Brae Farm {NZ 202 003} and will take in Easby Abbey, Gilling West and High Coalgarth.

The B-walk will follow a circular route from Richmond and will visit Aske Hall, Kirby Hall, Sturdy House and Low More.

The C-walk will set off from Brompton-on-Swale
{SE 214 998} and will pass through Easby Abbey, Round Howe and Whitecliffe Wood.

This is a Route 2 coach pick up (Billingham: 9.30 am, Acklam: 9.45 am and Stockton: 10.00 am).



At 8 February 2009 at 14:40 , Blogger philbee said...

The Rambling Club’s coach was full again today - apart from three seats. We set off from the last major pick-up point (Stockton-on-Tees) at 10.30 am to reach our first drop-off point in Brompton-on-Swale (for the C-Group) at about 10.45 am. The A-walkers were dropped off about five minutes later at Broken Brae Farm on the B6271 road. The B-Group started their walk from Richmond.

We had nine people on the A-Walk: PB, RB, LB, KF, CH, WM, MT, JY and PY. The walk was led by WM.

We set off in a westerly direction to reach Easby Abbey. From here we followed the course of the River Swale into Richmond. We then had a really good climb out of the town in order to reach the golf course. This was followed by an easy walk to Aske Hall and onwards (in a northerly direction) to reach Gilling West. Here we turned left along Waters Lane - now heading in a north-westerly direction. We stopped for lunch near Acre Farm - from where we had some good views of Crabtree Lake (and the bird life that lived there).

Continuing on our north-westerly trek we passed through Whashton to arrive at Ravensworth. There were some good views of its derelict castle. As we left Ravensworth, we headed south and started to experience severe amounts of snow under-foot - particularly on the high ground as we climbed up to the little village of Kirby Hill. From this vantage point there were some wonderful views of snow-laden fields - as we looked north, back to Ravensworth. We left Kirby Hill on a southerly trek. As we went through the Ministry of Defence area, our route through the woods took us pass two army soldiers ‘hiding’ in the woods - probably, on a training exercise since they had all their ‘make up’ on! We continued to walk through quite deep snow as we made our way pass Sturdy House Farm and Green Lane Farm to reach Coalsgarth Gate. We encountered the B-party here; we also used this location for a short refreshments stop!

Now travelling in a south-easterly direction we made our way to the ‘horse racing track’ (The Gallows) at Low Moor on the outskirts of Richmond. From here, because of all the snow and ice, we made a cautious descent into Richmond to reach the car park where our coach was waiting for us.

What a tremendous day we had - such lovely weather!-
However, having said that, it was starting to snow as our coach left Richmond.


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