Saturday, 11 July 2009

SRC History - Second Addendum

I have just written a 'second addendum' to John Fletcher's outstanding summary of Stockton Rambling Club's history. The First Addendum to John's work was added in December 2003 and outlined our uptake of modern digital technology - especially, (1) the use of computers and digital mapping systems for planning walks and (2) the growing use of personal GPS systems for navigation purposes.

In the Second Addendum to the record of the Club's history, I describe our use of 'social media' in the form of weblogs. Click this link to see the recently added Second Addendum.

As our Club Web site is now about ten years old, I have also recently updated some parts of it in an attempt to improve its consistency of appearance and remove some of the 'bugs' that I have found. Please continue to inform me of any errors that you come across.



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