Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A-Walking: Aysgarth Amble

The village of Aysgarth {SE 004 884} is one of a number of delightful villages located in the North Yorkshire area of Wensleydale. It is probably most well known for its impressive waterfalls. Our expedition today took us north from Aysgarth Falls (see the photograph below) to Castle Bolton and then east to Leyburn via Lords Bridge and Middleham.

Aysgarth Falls
We set off from the A684 road (about 0.65 mile east of the centre of the village of Aysgarth) at about 11.15 am. There were 10 people in the group: JB, LB, PB, CH, MH, PJ, WM, JP, JY and PY. WM led the walk.

From near the vicarage on the A684 road {SE 013 883} we headed in a north-westerly direction, passing the impressive St Andrew's Church on our right as we went. We reached the River Ure {SE 011 886} and crossed over it using Yore Bridge. We paused for a few moments on the bridge to take in the view of the waterfalls - for which this area is so famous.

After crossing the river, we decided to introduce an amendment to the originally planned route. Instead of heading directly north to Caperby {SE 006 897}, we decided to go west via Bear Park {SE 007 890} and enter the village from the south west using the minor road that runs east from Askrigg.

From Caperby we headed north to {SE 001 902}} where we joined a north-easterly path that took us via Ponderledge Scar {SE 004 903}, Low Gate {SE 007 909} and the ford at Beldon Beck {SE 010 918} to Castle Bolton {SE 035 919}. We stopped here for a short lunch break on the village green. During our moments of rest, we had some magnificent views of the castle.

Castle Bolton
After a very pleasant lunch break, which included feeding the chickens that were roaming on the village green, we took a south-easterly bearing in order to reach Northgate Bridge {SE 042 909} - just south of the village of Redmire {SE 045 912}. We maintained our SE bearing to enter West Wood at {SE 059 901}. Our track through the wood took us to the front of the very impressive Bolton Hall {SE 074 896}. Turning onto a southerly bearing, we crossed the River Ure again - this time using Lords Bridge {SE 754 892}. Continuing our southerly trek, we crossed the A684 road (again) and followed Bay Bolton Avenue - passing Park Gate Farm {SE 075 884} on our left. After a climb up to {SE 076 880}, we turned east and made our way to Top Barn {SE 088 878}. We then had a refreshing tea stop (in the shade of the trees) at {SE 088 878} near Spigot Lodge Plantation.

From the tea-stop location, we navigated a south-easterly route in order to reach Naylor’s Hill {SE 096 874} and the trig point which lay further to the east of this on Cross Bank {SE 105 874}. Continuing our trek across Middleham Low Moor, we arrived at the village of Middleham {SE 126 877} - famous for, amongst other things, its castle. From here we took a north-westerly route in order to join the A6108 road at {SE 122 884}. We followed the road in a northerly direction to Middleham Bridge {SE 119 888} where we crossed the River Ure for the third time. As we approached Mighten’s Bank, we took a north-westerly footpath on our left at {SE 117 893}. This took us in a northerly direction (via The Cottage) to our final destination in Leyburn {SE 111 905}.

We had a great day today - wonderful scenery, good weather and tremendous company. We particularly enjoyed the deviation that was introduced - such events are always a hallmark of a good A-Walk! Many thanks to Bill for giving us such an interesting and enjoyable day. Use the buttons below to see where we went and how we did.




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