Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A-Walking: Whitby Wanderers

Our expedition today took us into the eastern region of the North York Moors. Today's trek went from the small village of Egton {NZ 808 064} in an easterly direction via Littlebeck and New May Beck towards the village of Hawsker. We then headed in a northerly direction in order to reach our final destination in Whitby {NZ 893 113}.

We left from the Wheatsheaf Inn in Egton (see the picture below) at about 10.45 am. There were 7 people in the group: PB, RB, CH, LM, WM, JY and PY. PY and JY led the walk.

We set off in a southerly direction, heading downhill, towards School House Farm {NZ 809 060}. At this point we picked up a 'permissive path' on our left that took us down to the railway line near Beckside Farm {NZ 815 050}. Just after the farm we crossed the River Esk by means of a footbridge at {NZ 814 050} and then climbed up through Brow Wood to meet a minor road at {NZ 816 047}. We continued on a south-easterly bearing across some fields to reach another minor road at {NZ 818 045} on Lease Rigg. Turning left, and then right, we followed this road downhill into Esk Valley {NZ 822 043} where we turned left onto a good track. This took us in a north-easterly direction along the side of the North York Moors Railway (NYMR).

As we went along this track we were fortunate enough to see a steam locomotive leaving Grosmont in a southerly direction heading for Goathland. We followed our track pass the NYMR railway sheds and turned right at {NZ 827 050} to reach a church at {NZ 829 051}. We then took an interesting combination of paths through the woods that lay to the south-east of Grosmont railway station. These led us to a point about 260 yds on the hill above the railway level-crossing {NZ 830 052}.

We now had a goodly, extensive climb in an easterly direction along Fair Head Lane which took us up to the cattle grid near Lowther’s Crag {NZ 845 051}. Our climb involved an ascent of about 600 feet over a distance of just under a mile - with no flat bits! Taking a north-easterly bearing from the cattle grid (and still climbing!), we now picked our way through the moor-land heather on Black Brow in order to reach the A169 road at {NZ 862 048}. After crossing the road, we followed a good track in an easterly direction down into the small village of Littlebeck {NZ 879 049} where we had a very pleasant lunch stop on the grass just outside the Methodist church.

After lunch we headed south through Scarry Wood to reach The Hermitage {NZ 886 041} and Midge Hall {NZ 888 035}. Turning left, we now climbed up in a northerly direction towards Newton Farm {NZ 889 040} in order to find a path on our right. This took us in a south-easterly direction to a minor road at New May Beck {NZ 895 031}. Turning left, we followed this uphill to {NZ 897 034} where we turned right onto a footpath going in an easterly direction towards Hawsker. From {NZ 902 032} we took a north-easterly bearing and trekked across the moor to meet (and cross) the B1416 road at {NZ 908 040}. We continued on our NE trek across the moor (near Graystone Hills) until we reached {NZ 920 057} where we stopped for a short tea break. There were some good views of Whitby and Whitby Abbey from our vantage point.

From the tea-stop location, we headed north to Middle Rigg {NZ 917 062} and then followed Stainsacre Lane to Asp House {NZ 916 072} where we turned left and followed a minor road in a westerly bearing to reach The Riggs {NZ 912 072}. Turning onto a northerly bearing, we went along Long Rigg {NZ 910 077} in order to reach the disused railway track at {NZ 908 086}. We followed this track in a north-westerly direction (passing Larpool Hall Hotel {NZ 898 092} on our right) and crossed over the River Esk (again) - this time using the old railway viaduct at {NZ 896 097}. After crossing the viaduct, we made our way in a northerly direction to the West Cliff coach park in Whitby {NZ 893 113} where our coach was parked up waiting for us.

Whitby Abbey
We had a superb day today: we saw some tremendous and varied scenery and we had good weather for walking - we didn'tget any rain until after we were on the coach heading home. Many thanks to Paul and Julie for facilitating today's expedition.

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Click this link to see some ''Pictures of the Sea at Whitby'.



At 1 September 2009 at 03:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another walk I've missed, due to another Sunday working. Not to worry, good report and pic's.

I'm doing Cleveland Way, but starting from Saltburn to Filey, then bus to Helmsley for the remainer of CW. I'm on the Lakes day, Striding Edge, should be good.

At 1 September 2009 at 06:08 , Blogger philbee said...

Hello Martin,
How are you? We've been wondering where you have got to. Glad you are coming on the Lakes Day - should be fun provided the weather is OK.



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