Thursday, 14 January 2010

SRC on Twitter

Twitter is a useful mechanism for quickly sending out short messages that are 'instantaneously' delivered to (or can be accessed by) a group of 'followers'.

I have been exploring the use of this facility as a means of notifying members of SRC regarding walk cancellations or other similar types of eventuality.

Messages sent by Twitter are called 'tweets'. I have set up a message space called SRCtweet into which I can post messages either from my computer or from my mobile phone. This will enable rapid communication of (important) SRC news items to be posted and made instantaneously available to SRC members - either via a computer or a mobile phone. You can see SRCtweet in action by clicking here.

I have put a link to Twitter from the SRC Web page.

For anyone wanting to access the site from their (web-enabled) mobile phone, the links to use are as follows:
depending upon how you want to 'see' the messages displayed on your phone.

Of course, you can also arrange to set up a RSS feed to your computer and/or have a message 'texted' to your mobile phone one when one is posted on Twitter.



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