Friday, 23 July 2010

C-Walking: Ravenscar Restful, Relaxing Ramble

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 18th July) each took place in the Stainton Dale area of North York Moors. The A-Walk and the B-Walk each set off from different points on the A684 road just south of The Flask Inn; the C-Walk commenced further down the A684 road at The Falcon Inn. All three walks finished at Ravenscar.

After leaving The Falcon Inn {SE 971 980}, the intent of the C-Walk was to visit Tofta Hill, Staintondale, the Hayburn Wyke Inn, Sycarham Farm and Hayburn Wake before arriving at our final destination in Ravenscar {NZ 981 016}.

We left our drop-off point at about 11.10 am. There were nineteen people in the group. PB led the walk.

The Falcon Inn
We set off from the Falcon Inn (see the picture above) and walked in an easterly direction along the loop road towards the road junction at {SE 973 980}. Turning left into Rudda Road, we followed this in a northerly direction towards Thorny Beck. Just after the stream, we turned right at {SE 973 984} and followed a public footpath across the fields in an east-south-easterly direction towards Island Farm {SE 981 980}.

After passing by the farm, we made our way along the farm access track to Brown Rigg Road. We now followed this in a south-easterly direction to its junction with Prior Wath Road {SE 985 981} where we turned left. With Tofta Hill on our left, we now followed the road into the small village of Staintondale {SE 990 984}

From the village, we navigated a route to Bees Nest Farm where we joined the route of the (now disused) Whitby/Scarborough railway line {SE 993 985}. We followed this in a south-easterly direction to the site of Staintondale Station {SE 999 978} - which has now been converted into a private dwelling (see the picture below).

Staintondale Station
Continuing our south-easterly trek along the disused railway track, we eventually reached The Hayburn Wyke Inn {TA 007 968} (see the picture below) where we stopped for a restful lunch stop.

The Hayburn Wyke Inn
After our lunch break we continued along the old railway track in a south-easterly direction through Newton Dale until we reached the stone bridge at {TA 015 955}. At this point we left the course of the railway and descended to the road that passed beneath the bridge. We followed the road in an easterly direction to Sycarham Farm {TA 017 955}. At the farm we took a good track on our left and followed this in order to reach the Cleveland Way (CW) long-distance footpath at {TA 017 960} near Roger Trod.

As we went north on the CW, we had some spectacular views of the North Sea and the coastline. When we reached the nature reserve at Hayburn Wyke {TA 009 970} we had a steep descent down to the wooden bridge that crossed Hayburn Beck (see here). Our descent was then followed by an equally steep ascent back up to the cliff-top near Red House Farm {TA 009 974}. Fortunately, our ascent was facilitated by a well-constructed wooden 'staircase' (see here).

We rested for a short period at the top of the wooden steps and then continued our northerly coastal trek towards Herbert Hole {TA 009 978} and onwards to Petard Point {TA 004 987} where we stopped for a short tea stop.

After our very pleasant and restful tea break, we continued on our trek along the CW towards Beast Cliff {SE 997 996}. As we progressed along the coastline we passed by the (now disused) coastguards' lookout station near Common Cliff {NZ 992 008} - see the picture below.

Coastguards' Station
As we approached the southern end of Ravenscar, we passed by a very tempting tea-room on our left (see here). Despite its 'attractiveness', we held our focus and continued along the CW towards Raven Hall. Turning left at {NZ 98212 01880} we made our way to the junction of the CW with Station Road in Ravenscar where our coach was waiting to transport us back to Teesside.

Prior to our departure, some of us made our way back to the tea-room that we had previously passed while others ventured into Raven Hall (see here) for refreshments.

Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the photos.


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At 24 July 2010 at 04:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, lovely photos and write-up. The sad news that I have to work permanent Sunday's as from September, which means no more A-walks for me. I've lost your email. Good news, is I now get Thur & Sat off. So, can still do some walking up on the moors, maybe on the Thur walks. maybe catch up with the A's if I'm on the mountain bike somewhere in the area. i hope to be out next month to see you and then my Coast to Coast walk.

At 24 July 2010 at 05:59 , Blogger philbee said...

Hello Martin,

As always, it's good to hear from you. It's nice to keep informed of your walking and cycling activities. Keep in touch - I will post you my email address. Warm regards.



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