Thursday, 1 July 2010

A-Walking: Haltwhistle Happiness

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 27th June) each took place in the Cumbria/Northumberland area surrounding the River South Tyne. The A-Walk set off from Alston, the B-Walk started at Castle Nook and the C-Walk commenced at Slaggyford. All three walks finished at Haltwhistle.

After leaving Alston, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Harbut Lodge, Castle Nook, Slaggyford, Burnstones, Low Burnfoot and Wydon Eals before arriving at our final destination  in Haltwhistle.

We left our drop-off point at about 11.50 am. There were seven people in the group: JB, PB, RB, MC, KF, CL and LM. PB led the walk.

From the centre of Alston {NY 717 463} we followed the A689 road in a southerly direction to reach the road bridge over the River South Tyne. We crossed the river in order to reach the war memorial and then followed the route of the Pennine way (PW) in a north-north-easterly direction towards Harbut Lodge {NY 711 473}. As we went north we had some good views of Alston on the opposite side of the river. After crossing the A689 road at {NY 695 490} we made our way in a north easterly direction towards Gilderdale Beck which we crossed using the footbridge at {NY 698 478} - see the picture below.

Gilderdale Beck
We continued on our north-easterly bearing and then 'circled around' the site of the Roman Hill Fort at Whitley Castle. From here, we dropped back down to the A689 road at Castle Nook {NY 695 490}. After crossing the road, we continued along the PW - passing Dyke House {NY 695 493} on our left. Just to the right of our route we could see the South Tynedale Railway and one of the steam trains waiting at Kirkhaugh Station. Just after passing through Kirkhaugh, we decided to stop for a short lunch break at {NY 692 501}.

From our lunch stop location we continued on our north-westerly trek to Lintley {NY 687 511} where we left the PW. From near the road bridge at {NY 684 512}, we now followed the South Tyne Trail along the course of the dismantled railway in order to reach the old (now disused) railway station at Slaggyford {NY 676 523}. We stayed on the railway track until we reached {NY 672 530}. At this point we turned onto a bearing of 333° and made our way to the farm at Merry Knowe {NY 670 534}. At this point we became 're-united' with the PW and followed this to the bridge and viaduct at Burnstones {NY 675 543} where we crossed Thinhope Burn using the road bridge (see the picture below).

Staying on the PW we now trekked in a northerly direction to reach the footbridge over Glendue Burn at {NY 670 563}. After crossing the stream we stopped for a short tea break. Following our short rest, we continued on our northerly trek over the moorland terrain that makes up Lambley Common. We then crossed the A689 road at {NY 663 586} and continued in a northerly direction until we reached High House {NY 660 598}.

We now turned onto a north-easterly bearing and crossed Hartley Burn using the footbridge at {NY 662 601}. Keeping our north-easterly bearing, we continued onwards to reach the footbridge at Low Burnfoot {NY 669 608}. We now followed a good footpath through the woods along the west side of the River South Tyne to reach Featherstone Bridge {NY 675 619}.

Maintaining our north-easterly trek, we moved on to Wydon Eals {NY 681 623}. From here we walked across the fields to Wydon {NY 690 631} - where the farmers were busily making hay while the sun was shining.

From Wydon we now just had a short walk to reach the railway station in Haltwhistle {NY 704 638} where our coach was waiting to take us back to Teesside.

Even though the coach numbers were down, we had an interesting and exciting adventure today. We had a really great time - many thanks to PJ and RB.

Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the photographs.




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