Saturday, 7 August 2010

A-Walking: Staithes Stunner

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 1st August) each took place in the eastern coastal region of the North York Moors. All the walks set off from Loftus and finished at Staithes.

After leaving Loftus {NZ 722 181}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Handale, High Waupley, Waupley Moor, Beacon Hill, Scaling Reservoir, Newton Mulgrave and Hinderwell before arriving at our final destination in Staithes {NZ 781 185}.

There were ten people in the group: JB, JPB, PB, KF, JH, CL, KL, BM, LM and JT. JB led the walk.

We left Loftus at about 10.40 am - see the clocks in the picture below.

Leaving Loftus
Heading in a southerly direction we made our way across some pleasant countryside to reach Handale {NZ 726 156} and then, further south, High Waupley {NZ 727 144}. Just after Low Waupley {NZ 725 135} we crossed Waupley Moor to reach the A171 road at {NZ 731 125}.

We stopped for a short lunch break at {NZ 731 124} and then continued our moorland trek in a southerly direction to reach Beacon Hill and Danby Beacon {NZ 736 092}.

From the Beacon, we headed back across the rough moorland terrain on Easington High Moor towards Scaling Reservoir. After we joined the public footpath at {NZ 743 120}, we lost three of our group. Some people went in an anticlockwise direction around the reservoir while the three people at the back of the group went in a clockwise direction - primarily because they did not know in which direction the leader had gone in!

Scaling Reservoir
We re-assembled at the East Car Park at Scaling Reservoir {NZ 755 128}. Because of the time lost as a result of losing some of our group, our walk had to be cut short. Instead of going to Newton Mulgrave and Hinderwell, we had to take a shorter route to Staithes.

From the A 171 road near Scaling Dam, we turned left at {NZ 757 129} and followed a minor road in a north-north-easterly direction over Roxby Low Moor towards Borrowby {NZ 770 155}.

Borrowby Lane
Continuing in a northerly bearing along Borrowby Lane (see the picture above) we eventually reached a footpath at {NZ 779 174} near Dalehouse. We followed this path downhill to the footbridge near the confluence of Mounter Beck and Dales Beck {NZ 780 176}. The final climb of the day then opened up before us. Going uphill, we passed Seaton Hall {NZ 781 178} on our left. Our path then took us to the A174 road at {NZ 782 180}. From here we had a short road walk to reach the car park in Staithes.

Our coach had to return home via Scaling Dam where we had to pick up two of our group - one of whom had injured his leg while crossing a moorland stream just south of Scaling Dam.

Many thanks to JB for leading today's walk.




At 8 August 2010 at 15:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice photos and report, hope to see you on the 22nd August.

At 9 August 2010 at 02:50 , Blogger philbee said...

Hello Martin,
As always, its good to hear from you. Yes, I hope you make it on the 22nd August. We had a great day yesterday over in Upper Wharfedale. I did the B-Walk so that I could enjoy Buckden's blissful beauty - and, of course, take some photographs without having to run to catch up the main party!

Warm regards,


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