Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A-Walking: Castleton Crescendo

This was the second of two A-Walks that took place during the SRC walking weekend that was held at Castleton in Derbyshire.

Our three expeditions on Sunday, 10th October each took place in the Castleton area of the Peak District. All three circular walks started and finished at the Youth Hostel in Castleton.

After leaving Castleton {SK 149 828}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Spring Farm, Lose Hill, Hollin's Cross, Mam Tor, Sparrowfit, Old Dam and Cave Dale before arriving at our final destination in Castleton.

We left our starting point at about 9.40 am. There were nine people in the group: PB, RB, JC, JH, CL, LM, AM, BT and JT. PB led the walk. Before setting off, we welcomed a new A-walker (BT) to the group.

We left the Youth Hostel on a northerly bearing passing through the Church grounds in order to reach the road junction at {SK 150 830}. Moving down Millbridge, we continued in a northerly direction for a further 130 yards and then turned onto a north-westerly trek along Hollowford Road. At {SK 147 834}, we turned right onto a north-easterly bearing and made our way across the fields to Spring House Farm {SK 156 840}. Turning north we started our first major climb of the day up to Crimea Farm {SK 158 846} and onwards up onto Lose Hill {SK 152 853}.

Lose Hill
Leaving Lose Hill on a west-south-westerly bearing, we made our way to Back Tor {SK 145 849} and along Barker Bank {SK 140 846} to Hollins Cross {SK 135 845}. We continued on a south-westerly bearing to reach the ridge near Cold Side {SK 129 841} and then climbed up onto Mam Tor {SK 127 836}. This was the second and final major climb of the day.

Mam Tor
From the trig point (OSBM S4230), we headed on a south-westerly bearing to the minor road at {SK 125 834}. Now changing to a westerly bearing, we made our way to Lord’s Seat {SK 112 834}. Continuing in a west-south-westerly bearing along Rushup Edge, we followed a good track to reach a minor road at {SK 093 825}. We continued along the footpath along the side of the road for about 150 yards to reach the Pennine Bridleway {SK 091 824}.

Turning left along the bridleway, we followed a narrow lane downhill to near the entrance to Rushop Hall {SK 094 821} where we turned right onto a southerly bearing. From here, we followed a footpath across the fields to Rushop Farm {SK 091 812} and the small village of Sparrowpit (SK 090 807). We stopped at the The Wanted Inn for a glass of lemonade and a lunch stop.

Pub in Sparrowpit
Leaving the village on an easterly bearing we made our way to the wood near Gautries Hill {SK 098 807} and, passing through this wood, arrived at a minor road in Perry Dale {SK 106 807}. Turning right along the road, we followed this into the small village of Old Dam {SK 115 796}.

We left the village in an easterly direction along Old Dam Lane. At {SK 120 795} we turned left along a farm access track (and public bridleway) that took us in a north-easterly direction to Oxlow Rake {SK 124 799}. Climbing up towards Oxlow Dam {SK 127 801}, we joined a walled track that took us to the Limestone Way (LW) at {SK 132 806}.

We continued on a north-easterly bearing along the LW which took us over Old Moor to the track junction at {SK 135 813}. Maintaining our north-easterly bearing, we progressed to {SK 139 816} where we started our descent, still with the LW, into Cave Dale and its impressive rock formations.

Castle above Cave Dale
As we descended along the stony track to Castleton, we had some impressive views of the remains of Peveril Castle - looming high above us {SK 149 826}.

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At 14 October 2010 at 16:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the report & pic, looks like you had a good week-end.

Looking forward to my week-end at Osmotherley

At 15 October 2010 at 03:40 , Blogger philbee said...

Hello Martin,

Yes, overall we had a great weekend with two good A-walks - one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The weather was better on Sunday than on Saturday (a bit misty on the high ground). I did some photographs in the Derwent Valley near Ladybower Reservoir on Monday as I drove back. It's a tremendous area for walking.

Enjoy Osmotherley. See you soon.



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