Friday, 1 October 2010

A-Walking: Reeth Rural Runabout

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 26th September) each took place in the Swaledale area of North Yorkshire. All three walks started and finished in Reeth.

After leaving Reeth {SE 038 993}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Langthwaite, Whaw Bridge, Great Pinseat, Little Punchard Head, Old Gang Mines, Surrender Bridge and Healaugh before arriving at our final destination - back in Reeth.

We left our drop-off point at about 11.00 am. There were eight people in the group: JB, PB, CH, CL, AM, LM, GT and JT. PB led the walk.

We left the village centre in a north-north-westerly direction along a minor road that took us to a public footpath at {NZ 027 005}. Taking this footpath, we continued on our NNW bearing until we reached West Raw Croft Farm {NZ 022 016}. At this point we changed to a bearing of 291° and made our way to the footbridge over Arkle Beck at {NZ 010 020}.

After crossing the river, we turned left and followed the track alongside the beck which took us into the picturesque village of Langthwaite {NZ 005 024}.

After leaving Langthwaite in a north-easterly direction, we took a north-going path at {NZ 005 025} that ran alongside Langthwaite Scar. This path took us to Windegg Lane Lane. At {NZ 004 035} we turned left and dropped down to Scarhouse Lane and followed this down-hill to reach Scar House {NZ 003 033}. From here we navigated a route in a north-westerly direction to Yealand House {NY 997 038}.

We took a short lunch break at {NY 994 039} sitting beside Arkle Beck - just to the west of Yealand House. Following our brief stop, we continued on a north-westerly trek to reach to Whaw Bridge {NY 982 044}.

Whaw Bridge
Turning left, we crossed Arkle Beck (again) and climbed up to the minor road at {NY 980 042} where we turned left. We followed the road for about 150 yards and then turned right onto a public bridleway. This took us across Whaw Bents to Danby Lead Level {NY 975 036}. From here we had a good climb up onto Whaw Edge and Great Pinseat. We stayed with the route of the bridleway, following a westerly bearing, until we reached Little Punchard Head {NY 950 029}.

Turning onto a south-south-easterly bearing, we trekked over the very boggy moorland terrain to reach Friarfold Rake and then arrived at Doctor Gill {NY 957 016} near the Old Gang Mines. We stopped at Doctor Gill for a short tea break.

After the tea stop, we navigated a route to the track junction at {NY 957 014} where we turned onto an easterly bearing in order to make our way to Level House Bridge {NY 964 013}. We crossed Hard Level Gill to join a good track that took us in a south-easterly direction to the Old Gang Smelting Mills {NY 974 005}.

Old Gang Smelting Mills
We continued on our south-easterly trek along the track to reach Surrender Bridge {SD 989 999}. After crossing the minor road, we took a good footpath along the north side of Barney Beck. This took us pass the ruins of the old smelting mill and along the northern edge of the wood to reach the B6270 road at {SE 016 989} where we turned left towards the small village of Healaugh {SE 017 990}.

After walking along the road through the village, we left the B6270 at {SE 019 990} by turning right onto a footpath that took us in a southerly direction to the River Swale {SE 020 987}. Just before the 'stepping stones', we turned left and followed the river-side footpath along the northern bank of the river. This led us to Level Hutton Garth {SE 028 990}. At this point we left the river and made our way in an easterly direction across the fields back to Reeth - from where we had departed some six hours previously.

During the course of the day, we made two minor navigational errors - one near Langthwaite and the other near Healugh. However, these did not detract from the expedition's completion time or our enjoyment of the scenic views to which we were exposed.

Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the sights we saw.




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