Saturday, 30 October 2010

A-Walking: Downholme Delights

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 24th October) each took place in the Swaledale area of North Yorkshire. Both the A-Walk and the C-Walk each set off from Downholme Bridge and the C-Walk commenced at Fremington. All three walks finished at Reeth.

After leaving Downholme Bridge {SE 113 991}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Marske, Orgate Farm, Helwith Bridge, Holgate, Schoolmaster Pasture, Langthwaite, Fore Gill Gate and Riddings Farm before arriving at our final destination in Reeth {SE 038 992}.

We left our drop-off point at about 10.50 am. There were initially eight (but later nine) people in the group: JB, PB, RB, RGC, KF, CL, LM, WR and JT. JB led the walk.

From the lay-by on the A6108 road beneath White Scar, we walked in a southerly direction towards Downholme Bridge where we crossed the River Swale. Taking a footpath on our right at {SE 112 991}, we headed in a north-north-westerly direction across the fields to reach the minor road at {NZ 107 000} near Cat Bank. We followed the road in a north-westerly direction into the village of Marske {NZ 104 004}.

Approaching Maske
Maintaining our north-north-easterly bearing, we made our way through Clints Wood to Orgate Farm {NZ 092 018}. A little further north we crossed Marske Beck using a stone, arched bridge at {NZ 088 023} and then made our way to Telfit Farm {NZ 086 025}.

At {NZ 085 028} we changed onto a westerly bearing and followed the route of Marske Beck in order to reach Helwith Bridge {NZ 074 028} where we crossed the beck. Changing to a north-westerly bearing we made our way across the fields (via Hell Holes) to the farm at Holgate {NZ 067 038} - see the picture below. Leaving the farm area, we dropped down to the bridge at Holgate Beck {NZ 065 039} - known as Goats Bridge. We stopped here for a short lunch break - sitting on the bank of the stream.

Holgate Farm
From our lunch-stop location, we climbed up to {NZ 060 034} and then turned onto a northerly trek in order to reach the farm at Schoolmaster Pasture. At this point, we had a good view of the B-Group ahead of us. At the farm, we changed to a west-north-westerly bearing to reach the disused pits at {NZ 049 043}.

Having now overtaken the B-Group, and having acquired an extra member to our group (WR), we made our way over Moresdale Ridge using a good track (Moresdale Road) until we reached St Andrew’s Cross {NZ 033 040}.

Just after the cross, at {NZ 026 040}, we left the track and followed an ill-defined bridleway that took us over some rough moorland - to re-join the route of our original track at {NZ 018 040}. We continued along the track to reach the cairn on the high ground near {NZ 010 039}. From here we made a gradual descent in a southerly direction to reach the path junction at {NZ 008 033} - see the picture below. Turning right, we now made a steep descent to the footpath junction at Windegg Lane {NZ 004 034}.

Bridleway from Low Moor
At the path junction we turned left and headed south to reach the village of Langthwaite {NZ 005 024}. Just after passing through the village we stopped for a short tea-stop - sitting on the reinforced east bank of Arkle Beck {NZ 005 024}.

Continuing on a south-easterly bearing along the riverside, we crossed over the beck using the footbridge at {NZ 010 020} and made our way in a westerly direction to the minor road in Arkle Town {NZ 007 018}. Continuing on a south-westerly bearing we headed up through Fore Gill to reach Fore Gill Gate {NY 993 009}. From here we followed a good track in a south-easterly direction that took us around the southern side of Calver Hill to reach Riddings Farm {SE 027 997}.

Riddings Farm
After passing the farm on our right, we joined Skelgate Lane at {SE 030 996} and followed this to emerge on the B6270 at {SE 035 993}. Turning left, we followed the road in an easterly direction into the centre of Reeth {SE 038 992} where our coach was waiting to take us home.

Many thanks to JB for organising such an interesting and exciting adventure for us today. We had a really great time. Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the photos.




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