Saturday, 13 November 2010

A-Walking: Ayton Amble

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 7th November) each took place in the
western region of the North York Moors. All the walks set off from Clay Bank and finished in Great Ayton.

After leaving Clay Bank {NZ 572 034}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Medd Crag, Beak Hills, Kirby, Great Broughton, Ingleby Greenhow and Easby before arriving at our final destination in Great Ayton {NZ 562 106}.

We left our drop-off point at about 9.50 am. There were seven people in the group: JB, KB, PB, KF, CL, GT and JT. Standing in for JJ, who was indisposed, PB led the walk.

We set off ina southerly direction along the B1257 road towards Chop Gate. At {NZ 572 032} we turned left along the Cleveland Way (CW) and followed this up-hill (see the picture below) to reach the path junction at {NZ 579 030} on Carr Ridge.

Near Clay Bank
We left the CW at {NZ 581 026} and headed south along the high ground towards Urra Moor. Continuing on a southerly bearing along the western edge of the moor, we made our way to Medd Crag {NZ 573 009}. We now descended in a south-westerly direction to Bilsdale Hall {NZ 566 004} and the B1257 road at {NZ 561 006}.

Leaving the road, we followed a good track up-hill to Bank House {NZ 558 008} and then made a north-north-westerly ascent up onto Cold Moor {NZ 551 020}. We had some good views of the surrounding area as we made our way north to the track junction at {NZ 551 023}. We now turned left onto a westerly bearing and dropped down to the farm at Beak Hills {NZ 547 024}. After passing through the farm, we turned right onto a north-north-westerly bearing and had a gentle climb up to meet the CW at {NZ 544 034}. Turning left, we followed a good path in a westerly direction over the spoil tips beneath Kirby Bank to reach the path junction at {NZ 530 034} on Busby Moor. From here we made a steep descent to Cote Hill {NZ 529 040} where we turned onto an easterly bearing.

We stopped for a short lunch break at {NZ 531 040} and then continued our easterly trek to reach the farm at Toft Hill {NZ 539 042}. After negotiating the farm, we turned left onto a northerly bearing and walked along the road towards the village of Kirby {NZ 53912 05905}. Just before entering the village, we turned right along a footpath that took us in a north-easterly direction across the fields to the minor road (Kirby Lane) at {NZ 545 063} near Great Broughton. We followed this in an easterly direction to the cross-roads at {NZ 547 063}.

Great Broughton
At the road intersection, we turned right and walked through the village to reach a public footpath on our left at {NZ 549 059}. We followed this in an easterly direction across the fields to Meynell Hall {NZ 564 061} and onwards to the minor road (Marsh Lane) at {NZ 572 064}. Turning right along the lane, we followed this into the village of Ingleby Greenhow. We now navigated a route through the village to reach the school at {NZ 580 064} where we stopped for a short tea break.

From our tea-stop location, we took a north-easterly bearing across the fields towards Battersby Junction {NZ 587 072}. We now followed a public footpath in a north-westerly direction to Fir Tree Farm {NZ 580 080} and onwards to Pilly Hall {NZ 577 085}.

We passed through Easby and then turned left at {NZ 577 088} onto a public footpath that took us in a north-north-easterly direction towards Woodhouse Farm {NZ 572 095}. We crossed Cross Lane at {NZ 568 101} and continued in a north-westerly direction to reach the village of Great Ayton where our coach was waiting to take us home.

Great Ayton
Despite the wet and muddy conditions underfoot, as a result of heavy rainfall during the night, we had a very interesting and exciting adventure today.

Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the photos.





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