Monday, 13 December 2010

Venturing out in the Snow - Swainby Snow Scenes

Sadly, the SRC has had to cancel a number of Sunday and mid-week walks during the last couple of weeks. This action was taken as a result of the adverse weather conditions - involving considerable snow and very icy roads and footaths.

Next week (19th December) will be the last three-walk Sunday event on the 2010 walks programme - if it is not cancelled! As leader of the A-Walk on that day, I decided to venture up onto the North York Moors just above Swainby in order to see what the conditions might be like next Sunday.

I had a hard, but interesting couple of hours walking in the snow and mist as I made my way from the village of Swainby up onto Whorlton Moor in order to reach Swainby Shooting House. The return trip was a little easier than the outward journey since it did not involve any climbing.



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