Saturday, 5 March 2011

The C-Walk to Lealholm

Our three walks last Sunday (27th February) each took place on the North York Moors. The A and C walks both started at Brown Hill {NZ 671 116} while the B-walk set off from Castleton {NZ 686 080}. All walks finished in Lealholm {NZ762 075}.

Phil Barker led the C-Walk. There were 25 people in the group. We set off from our drop-off point on Smeathorns Road at about 10.30 am. From here we made our way via Castleton, Ainthorpe, Danby Lodge and Houlsyke as we navigated our route to Lealholm - arriving at about 3.59 pm.

We took our lunch-stop near Howe Farm {NZ 694 077} in Castleton and our tea-stop was located at the Moors Centre {NZ 716 083} at Danby Lodge. After the walking, refreshments were available at the Board Inn in Lealholm.




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