Thursday, 19 July 2012

A-Walking: Rosedale Circular

Our three walks on Sunday, 15th July, each took place in the Rosedale area of the North York Moors. All of the walks started from and finished at Rosedale Abbey. The A-Walk was expertly led by Peter Gill (pictured below).
A-Walk leader - Peter Gill

From the coach drop-off point in Rosedale Abbey, the A-Group set off in a south-easterly direction along a good track that took us towards Newlands Farm. At {SE 731 945} we turned left onto a north-easterly path that took us over the River Seven, through Yatts Farm and Allotment Farm and then across Hartoft Rigg in order to reach a minor road near Duks Ley Farm.
Turning south along the road, we made our way to Birch Farm and the western edge of Cropton Forest. Continuing on a southerly bearing, we passed St James Farm and continued through the forest in order to reach a track junction at {SE 765 935} on Muffles Rigg - where we encountered the B-Group. We stopped here for a short lunch-stop.
Leaving the lunch-stop location, we continued in a southerly direction along Sutherland Road until we reached Sutherland Beck. From here our south-westerly route now took us to the northern edge of the village of Cropton. We now had quite a long stretch of road-walking to do in order to reach the village of Lastingham. Turning onto a northerly bearing, we stopped just north of the village for a short tea-stop. Again, we encountered the B-Group!
From the tea-stop location we maintained a northerly bearing over Lastingham Ridge and Spaunton Moor until we reached Ana Cross {SE 724 938}. After pausing here to admire the views, we continued our northerly trek to reach the road near Bank Top. There now followed quite a steep descent back into Rosedale Abbey where our coach was waiting to take us on our homeward trip.
Many thanks to Peter Gill for an excellent walk. Incidentally, this was Peter's first 'lead' for the Rambling Club. Well done Peter!
Some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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