Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A-Walking: from Eller Beck Bridge to Whitby

Our three walks on Sunday, 8th July, each took place in the south-eastern coastal region of the North York Moors. The C-Walk started at Sleights. The B- and A-Walks were both scheduled to start at Eller Beck Bridge - however, because of the heavy rainfall and the possibility of flooding, these walks both started further north and then went along Whinstone Ridge. All walks finished in the delightful town of Whitby {NZ 892 113}. The A-Walk was led by Jane Thompson - pictured below.
A-Walk leader - Jane Thompson

From our drop-off point on the A169 road at {NZ 855 026}, our route took us in an easterly direction to John Bond's Sheep House - after which, we joined our original route. We continued our easterly trek in order to reach the A171 road at {NZ 916 029}. After a cautious crossing, we now made our way towards Fylingthorpe where we joined the dis-used railway track at {NZ 945 046} - known locally as the 'Cinder Track'.
Heading north, we followed the Cinder Track in the direction of Robin Hood's Bay and onwards to {NZ 942 075}. At this point we turned right and followed a down-hill footpath towards the sea in order to reach the Cleveland Way (CW) at Limekiln Slack. We now walked along the CW in a north-westerly direction until we reached Whitby Fog Signal {NZ 927 101}. At this point, we turned in-land and made our way towards Ling Hill Farm where we paused for a short tea-stop.
Leaving our tea-stop location, we continued on a westerly bearing to reach the outskirts of Whitby at {NZ 904 104}. We used the swing bridge to cross the River Esk and then climbed up to the car park on West Cliff.
As we had arrived back quite early, there was some time available to take some refreshments before boarding the coach for our homeward journey.
A big 'thank you' to Jane for organising a great walk and a splendid day out.
Some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs



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