Saturday, 8 September 2012

A-Walking: Pool to Ilkley via Little London

Our three walks on Sunday, 2nd September, each took place in the Ilkley Moor area of North Yorkshire. All of the walks started near Pool on Leeds Road (SE 229 446) and finished at the railway station in the centre of Ilkley.
The A-Walk was enthusiastically and expertly led by Bill McTimoney (pictured below). There were thirteen members in the group.
Bill McTimoney - A-Walk leader
Our route covered a distance of 15.4 miles and took us in a westerly direction from the A660(T) road (Leeds Road) along the Ebor Way and Dales Way Link through the Chevin Forest Park and across The Chevin. From here, we had some good views of Otley.
At Westfield Farm we turned south and crossed Guiseley Moor. After skirting around the north-western edge of Guiseley, we continued in a westerly direction to reach Bingley Road and, from there, we made our way to Little London.
Now turning onto a north-westerly bearing, we crossed Bingley Moor and Burley Moor and then joined the route of the Dales Way Link at {SE 125 450}. Continuing in a northerly direction, we made our way to the Twelve Apostles Stone Circle - where we had a very pleasant tea-stop and some wonderful views.
Continuing north from the tea-stop location, we walked across Ilkley Moor until we reached Gill Head {SE 123 459}. We now moved in a north-easterly direction in order to reach the Cow and Calf rocks. At this point, after admiring the views, the group split into two. One group made its descent directly down from the high ground into the town of Ilkley. The other group headed west to reach Heber's Ghyll before making its descent.
Overall, we had a fantastic walking day - good weather and some wonderful scenery. Many thanks to Bill for organising such a splendid walk and a great day out in an area that we do not often visit.
Some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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