Thursday, 6 June 2013

A-Walking: Allenheads to Hexham via Dye House

Our three walks on Sunday, 2nd June, each took place in the Northumberland area. The A-Walk started near Fell View {NY 852 478} (just north of Allenheads), the B-Walk commenced at Sinderhope and the C-Walk set off from Catton. All of the walks finished in Hexham.
The A-Walk was led by Phil Barker (pictured below) and covered a distance of 15.6 miles. There were six walkers in the group.
Phil Barker - A-Walk Leader
Leaving our drop-off location on the B6295 road, we climbed up over Byerhope Bank in order to reach the trig point on Green Hill. From here we followed a good track (Broad Way) in a north-easterly direction over Pikely Rigg. We continued on a north-easterly bearing until we arrived at the trig point on Watson’s Hill - stopping for a while in order to take in the spectacular views. Maintaining our north-easterly bearing, we then made our way towards a minor road near Kings Law {NY 900 542}. We stopped here for a short lunch break.
After departing from the lunch-stop location, we followed the minor road from King’s Law until we reached Low Rawgreen. At this point we picked up a footpath on our left that took us through a pleasant woodland area. After two river crossings, one at Redlead Mill and the other near High Staples, we navigated a route that took us to the road bridge at Dye House {NY 937 585}. From here, two of us (Roger and Phil) made a quick diversion up to the tiny village of Steel and back - in order to take some photos.
Following our photograph-taking session, we rejoined the other members of the group at Dye House and continued our uphill trek towards Blackhall Wood. After passing the B-Party, we stopped for a short tea-break. Again, the views were spectacular.
Continuing in a northerly direction, we made our way to Smelting Syke, Dotland Park and Dipton Mill. We passed the B-Party (again) near Hole House and started our ascent, via Queen’s Letch, to the reservoir near the minor road at {NY 935 623}. From here, we had an easy downhill walk into the centre of Hexham - with plenty of time to partake of some refreshments.
A selection of some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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