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A-Walking: Ambleside Ascent

Our three expeditions on Day-2 of our Lakes trip (Sunday, 9th May) each took place in theAmbleside area of the south-eastern region of the Lake District (OS Explorer Sheet 7). The A-Walk set off from Ambleside, the B-Walk started at Ambleside Youth Hostel and the C-Walk commenced at Grasmere. All three walks terminated at the youth hostel in Ambleside.

After leaving the car park in Ambleside {NY 375 047}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Kirkstone Road, Snarker Pike, Red Screes, Scandale Pass and High Sweden Bridge before returning to Ambleside and then making our way to our final destination at Ambleside Youth Hostel {NY 376 030}.

We left our drop-off point near the car park (see the picture below) at about 09.30 am.

There were eight people in the group: JB, PB, RB, JH, KF, LM, WM and FEW. WM led the walk.

Ambleside CP
From the car park we navigated an uphill route around the north-west side of Ambleside in order to reach Kirkstone Road at {NY 382 049}. Turning left, we walked uphill, pass the entrance to Roundhill Farm, for about 610 yards until we reached a footpath on our left at {NY 385 053}. This took us uphill in a northerly direction to the ladder stile at {NY 387 070} near Flesh Crags. Keeping the wall on our right, we climbed up towards Pets Quarry and stopped at {NY 388 070} for a short 'refreshment break'.

Continuing our climb in a north-north-easterly (NNE) direction, we made our way to Snarker Pike {NY 390 075} - from where we had some good views of Kirkstone Pass - far below us! We continued on our NNE bearing until we reached {NY 390 078} near Pets Brae. We now turned onto a north-easterly bearing which we maintained until we reached the trig point on Red Screes {NY 396 087} - see the picture below.

Red Screes
We sat in the shelter on Red Screes for a few minutes and discussed where we should go next. WM decided that we should add a short extension to our route and, in so doing, take in Middle Dodd - which lay to the north of us. Setting off from Red Screes, we followed the ridge along Smallthwaite Band until we arrived at Middle Dodd {NY 397 096}. From here, we had some good views of Brother's Water.

We now re-traced our steps back along Smallthwaite Band until we reached {NY 396 094}. From here, we navigated a route 'along the contours' in order to get to the stone wall at {NY 389 091} near Broad Crag. Descending in a north-westerly direction, we made our way to the ladder style at {NY 387 095} in Scandale Pass where we stopped for a short lunch break.

Leaving our lunch-stop location, we trekked downhill in a southerly direction towards Scandale Bottom. As we descended, there were some good views of Scandale Beck ahead of us. More or less, our route now followed the course of the beck until we reached High Sweden Bridge {NY 379 067} where we decided to take a short tea stop sitting beside the stream. During the time we spent there we were pleasantly entertained by a female duck!

High Sweden Bridge
After crossing the bridge, we undertook the final (short) climb of the day. We trekked in a south-westerly direction to the tarn at {NY 376 066} and then turned back onto a southerly bearing that took us to Low Sweden Bridge {NY 375 055}. The track from here took us to Nook End Farm {NY 375 054}. From here we followed a good road downhill, passing a University of Cumbria building on our right, until we reached the car park near the A593 road in Ambleside - from where we originally started our
expedition earlier in the day.

From the car park we navigated a route through the centre of Ambleside and made our way along the A591 road in a southerly direction to reach the Youth Hostel at {NY 376 030} - see the picture below.

Ambleside YHA
Many thanks to WM for organising such an interesting and exciting adventure for us today. We had a really great time - the 'add-on' to Middle Dodd was especially nice.

Use the buttons below to see where we went and how we did - and browse through some of the photos.




At 28 June 2010 at 11:25 , Blogger Kenneth Ragpala said...

Ambleside surely has some of the world's best walking routes. This article reminds me of my stays in Ambleside hotels and the walks I would make along the banks of Windermere. Truly an unforgettable experience.


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