Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A-Walking: Belford Beauty

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 12th September) each took place in the Berwick-upon-Tweed district of Northumberland. All three walks started and finished at the small village of Belford.

After leaving Belford {NU 108 339}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Swinhoe Farm, Dancing Green Hill, St Cuthbert's Cave, Laverock Law, Shiellow Crags, Detchant and Craggyhall before arriving at our final destination.

We left our drop-off point at about 11.10 am. There were nine people in the group: JB, PB, RB, KF, CH, CL, AM, LM, JT. PB led the walk.

We left the centre of Belford (see the picture above) in a south-westerly direction along the B6349 road. At {NU 106 338} we turned right along a lane that took us in a north-westerly direction towards Westhall. We left the lane at {NU 104 339} by turning left onto a public footpath that took us across the fields to The Hagg {NU 094 343} and Weetside Crag {NU 087 348}. From here we descended to Swinhoe Farm {NU 084 350}.

We left the farm on a south-westerly bearing and made our way along a good track to Dick's Oldwalls {NU 076 345} and Kiln Wood {NU 071 342}. We entered a forest at {NU 070 342} and passed an old lime kiln on our right as we made our way towards the western tip of Colour Heugh {NU 064 337} - see the picture below.

Colour Heugh
Navigating a way through the undergrowth, we emerged from the forest using a gate at {NU 063 335}. We then climbed up to the cairn on the top of Dancing Green Hill {NU 064 333} in order to take in the view. After pausing for a few moments, we descended to the shelter of some impressive rock formations in order to take a short lunch stop.

Following our lunch break, we descended to the minor road at {NU 061 333} near Shop Hill. We then followed the road to {NU 056 332} where we turned right onto a track - the route of St Cuthbert's Way (SCW). We followed the route of SCW in a northerly direction towards Cockenheugh {NU 060 347} where we turned left onto a north-north-easterly bearing. Moving along the edge of the wood, we passed St Cuthbert's Cave {NU 059 352} on our right (see the picture below).

St Cuthbert's cave
We stayed with the SCW until we reached some crags at {NU 059 354}. After taking in the view of the north-east coast towards Holy Island, we continued our trek on a north-north-westerly (NNW) bearing until we reached the trig point (OSBM S1616) on Greensheen Hill {NU 056 357}. From here we continued our NNW trek towards Holburn Lake {NU 049 363}.

From the gate in the wall near the lake, we navigated a route to the small village of Holburn {NU 041 361}. Just after passing through the village, we took a public footpath on our left and followed this in a westerly direction across the fields to reach Laverock Law {NU 031 362}.

We left Laverock Law on a NNW bearing to reach a minor road at {NU 028 368}. Turning right, we followed the road to a road junction at {NU 028 368} where we turned left. Now heading north, we continued along the road to {NU 038 374} to find a public footpath on our right.

Leaving the road, we turned onto a good track that took us in an easterly direction to Shiellow Crags {NU 052 376} where we stopped for a tea break.

Continuing along the forest track through Shiellow Wood, we crossed over the route of the SCW long-distance footpath at {NU 059 373}. After passing the impressive property at Shiellow Crag {NU 061 372}, we passed through Detchant Wood to arrive at a minor road near Park Wood Cottage {NU 082 373}.

Turning right along the road, we followed this in a southerly direction through Kettleburn {NU 084 368} and onwards towards Detchant {NU 086 365}. At the road junction in Detchant, we turned right and continued along the road for about 145 yards until we reached a farm access track on our left at {NU 08492 36438}. As we climbed in a southerly direction towards Henshopelaw {NU 085 354}, we had some excellent views of the north-east coast towards Holy Island.

North-east coast
Form Henshopelaw, we continued our southerly trek until we reached the minor road near Swinhoe Strip. Turning left, we followed the road for about 350 yards and exited from it at {NU 089 351} using a footpath that took us into Square Wood. At {NU 091 352} we turned onto a south-easterly bearing. Passing Sunnyside Crag on our left {NU 095 347}, we made our way to Craggyhall {NU 098 345}. Maintaining our south-easterly bearing, we had some good views of Chapel Crag as we made our way to Westhall {NU 103 340}.

Chapel Crag
From Westhall, we set a good pace in order to get to the tea-room in Belford for a cup-of-tea before boarding our couch for the trip back to Middlesbrough.

Overall, we had a very interesting and exciting expedition to Northumberland today. The weather was good and the scenary was out-standing.

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