Friday, 27 August 2010

A-Walking: Newgate Northerly Nexus

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 22nd August) each took place in the Bilsdale area of the North York Moors. The A-Walk set off from Newgate Bank car park, the B-Walk also started from here while the C-Walk took the form of a circular walk. All three walks finished at Chop Gate.

After leaving Newgate Bank {SE 564 888}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Old Fold, Stork House, Ankness, Stump Cross and Tripsdale before arriving at our final destination in Chop Gate {SE 558 993}.

We left our drop-off point at about 10.45 am. There were ten people in the group: JB, PB, KF, CH, JH, CL, LM, WR, MS, JT. As a new member, WR was welcomed to the group. JH led the walk.

We left the B1257 road at {SE 564 888} on a north-easterly bearing and followed a good track that took us along the western edge of the high-ground on Rievaulx Moor. The extensive coverage of colourful heather on the more provided a very picturesque setting for our trek - see the picture below.

Track on Reivaulx Moor
We passed by Ayton Bank {SE 573 902} on our left and continued along the moor-land track until we reached the footpath at Rievaulx Bank {SE 582 905}. At this point we descended to the lower ground near Roppa Wood {SE 586 908}. Continuing along a good forest track in an easterly direction, we made our way to an isolated forest cottage (Old Fold) at {SE 604 905} - see the following picture.

Old Fold
Now moving in a south-easterly direction we progressed along our route to reach the minor road at {SE 609 902} where we turned onto a north-easterly bearing that took us to Lund Farm {SE 612 904}. After passing through Throstle Nest {SE 616 906}, we headed north towards a gated fence at {SE 618 913}. We now returned to our north-easterly bearing as we went along a moor-land footpath to arrive at a well-defined track (Little Roll Gate) {SE 625 920} on Hagg Common. Turning left, we followed the track in a north-westerly direction to reach a track junction at {SE 618 933} near an old disused pit. Changing back to a north-easterly bearing, we now made our way to Stork House {SE 622 944} (see below) where we stopped for a short lunch break.

Stork House
After our very restful lunch stop, we descended into Low Wood and crossed Hodge Beck using the footbridge at {SE 626 944} near the weir. From here we climbed up onto Ankness Ridge to the path junction at {SE 636 939}. At this point we turned left and made our way along the farm access track to reach Bransdale Road at {SE 637 944}. We now followed the road in a northerly direction to reach Spout House {SE 626 970}.

Leaving the road at {SE 625 969}, we navigated a route across Bransdale in order to reach the minor road near Colt House Farm {SE 616 974} - see the picture below.

Colt House Farm
After a short climb up to a spot near the minor road above the farm {SE 614 975}, we stopped for a brief tea break. From the location at which we sat, there were some good views of Bransdale both to our left and to our right.

Following our brief stop, we had a good climb up the bank in a north-westerly direction to reach Stump Cross {SE 606 981}. Once we were on the high-ground, we experienced some refreshing, cool breezes as we trekked in a westerly direction across Slape Wath Moor to reach the peaceful valley of Tripsdale {SE 582 988}.

Tripsdale Beck
After crossing Tripsdale Beck, we had another good climb up onto Nab End Moor {SE 574 992}. From here we had an easy descent over Black Intake to reach William Blake Farm {SE 569 994}. Continuing our descent along the access track to the farm, we arrived at the B1257 road near the Village Hall at Chop Gate {SE 559 993}.

Our coach was waiting for us in the car park. However, before leaving on the ‘home run’, we were able to take part in a ‘tea and scones’ event that had been organised for us by VC.

Many thanks to JH for organising such an interesting and exciting adventure for us today. We had a really great time. We are also very grateful to VC for arranging the tea and scones - very many thanks.

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