Thursday, 1 August 2013

Early-August Mid-Week Walking (2013-08-05)

During the week beginning 5th August, Stockton Rambling Club will have TWO mid-week walks available. One is an evening walk and the other is a day walk.

The evening walk is on Wednesday, 7th August and will start at 7.00 pm from Preston Park car park {NZ 427 187} - see the map below.
Map of Preston Park area.
This walk will not be longer than 6 miles.
Please ring 01642-882996 for more details.

The day walk is on Thursday, 8th August. It will start at 10.30 am from Square Corner (above Osmotherley) {SE 480 958} - see the map below.
Map of Square Corner Area
Crown Copyright (2013). All rights reserved. Licence No. 100046831.
Produced using Anquet Maps.

The length of this walk will be up to 9 miles.
Please telephone 01642-654861 for more details.


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