Friday, 7 February 2014

A-Walking: Clay Bank to Ingleby Greenhow via Cold Moor

Our three walks on Sunday, 2nd February, each took place in the north-western region of the North York Moors. The A-Walk and the B-Walk both set off from Clay Bank while the C-Walk commenced at Stokesley. All the walks finished in Ingleby Greenhow.
The A-Walk was led by Jane Thompson - pictured below. There were four walkers in the group.
Jane Thompson - A-Walk leader

Jane's route covered a distance of 15.4 miles and took in White Hill, Wain Stones, Cold Moor, Seave Green, Tripsdale, Badger's Gill, Round Hill, Jackson's Bank and Bank Foot.
Many thanks to Jane for leading a great walk.
A selection of some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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