Friday, 28 February 2014

A-Walking: Guisborough to Battersby via Commondale

Our three walks on Sunday, 23rd February, each took place in the north-western region of the North York Yoors. The A-Walk started in Guisborough, the B-Walk set off from Birk Brow and the C-Walk commenced at Charltons. All walks finished in the small village of Battersby.
The A-walk was led by Jeff Hunt - pictured below. There were five walkers in the group and the distance covered was 15.5 miles.
Jeff Hunt - A-Walk leader

From our drop-off location near Guisborough Priory our route took in Little Waterfall Farm, Guisborough Woods, Westworth Wood, the Quakers Causeway, Brown Hill, Sand Hill, Commondale (lunch-stop), Scale Cross, Sloethorn Park, Baysdale, Warren Farm, Kildale (tea-stop), Park Farm and Battersby.
Many thanks to Jeff for leading yet another great walk.
A selection of some of the photos that were taken during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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