Friday, 7 March 2014

A-Walking: Whorlton to Barnard Castle via How Tallon

Despite the somewhat inclement weather conditions, our three walks on Sunday, 2nd March, each took place in the south-eastern region of County Durham. The A-Walk started at Whorlton while the B-Walk and C-Walk each set off from near Gainford. All walks finished in Barnard Castle.
The A-Walk was led by Phil Barker - pictured below. There were four walkers in the group. Our route covered a distance of 16 miles.
Phil Barker - A-Walk leader

From our drop-off point in Whorlton our route took in Mortham Tower, Greta Bridge, Wilson House, Barningham, How Tallon, Black Hill Gate, West Hope, Thwaite, Rutherford Bridge, Punder Gill, Thorsgill Bridge and Startforth.
We had a very pleasant day - even though there was considerable wind, rain and mud!
A selection of some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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