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A-Walking: Fylingthorpe Flyer

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 30th May) each took place in the Whitby area of the North York Moors. The A-Walk set off from Selly Hill, the B-Walk started at Whitby and the C-Walk commenced at Sneaton Corner.

After leaving Selly Hill {NZ 861 095}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Sleights, Littlebeck, May Beck, Fylingthorpe, Robin Hood's Bay, Boggle Hole and Home Farm before arriving at our final destination at the Flask Inn {NZ 930 007} on the A171 road.

We left our drop-off point at about 10.50 am. There were eight people in the group: JB, JPB, PB, KF, CH, CL, AM and LM. JB led the walk.

From our starting position on the A171 (Guisborough Road) {NZ 857 093}, we set off in a south-easterly direction along the access track to Selly Cottage {NZ 859 091}. Taking a public footpath to the left of the cottage, we went across the fields to arrive at the small village of Aislaby {NZ 861 087}. Turning left, we walked through the village to reach a footpath on our right at {NZ 862 087}. This took us downhill across the fields to reach the A169 road near Sleights {NZ 866 082}.

We crossed the River Esk using the footbridge at {NZ 868 081} and passed through Sleights railway station. From here we followed a good road/footpath along the west side of Iburndale Beck to reach the village of Iburndale {NZ 872 071}- see the picture below.

After crossing the beck using the road bridge (see above), we continued in a south-south-easterly (SSE) direction to the ford near Throstle Nest Farm {NZ 875 060}. Staying on the east side of Little Beck, we now followed the stream in a southerly direction until we reached the next ford (and footbridge) at {NZ 875 057}. Turning east, we made our way to Low Farm {NZ 876 057} and, on reaching {NZ 877 057}, we then resumed our SSE trek to reach the minor road at {NZ 880 052}. Turning right along the road, we dropped down to Littlebeck {NZ 879 049} - passing by the village hall on our left as we made our descent.

Just after we passed the red postbox near Kelp House, we departed from the road by turning left along a good footpath. This took us in a SSE direction through Scarry Wood to The Hermitage {NZ 885 040} and, subsequently, to Midge Hall {NZ 888 034} where we stopped for lunch.

From our lunch location we made our way through the woods towards the car park near the bridge over May Beck. At {NZ 892 024} we turned onto an east-north-easterly bearing and climbed up to John Cross {NZ 900 026}. Now turning onto a north-north-easterly trek we made our way over Low Moor to join the B1416 road at {NZ 905 039}. We walked east along this road for about 500 yards to reach a footpath on our left at {NZ 909 039}. This took us in a north-easterly direction over Greystone Hills to the road junction at {NZ 922 045} on the A171 road.

After crossing the A171 we took the minor road and followed this into Fylingthorpe {NZ 941 048} and onwards into Robin Hood's Bay {NZ 952 049}. We stopped here and had a very pleasant tea stop overlooking the sea {NZ 953 048}.

Robin Hood's Bay
We left our tea-stop location by following the route of the Cleveland Way (CW) long-distance footpath along the coast to Boggle Hole {NZ 954 040}. This involved quite a number of ascents and descents in rapid succession. Our final ascent on the CW took us to the minor road near Stoupe Bank Farm {NZ 957 033}. We left the CW at {NZ 959 031} and continued along the road for a further 300 yards to {NZ 959 029}. At this point we took a footpath on our right. This led us into our final major climb of the day: up to Home Farm {NZ 956 026} and, from there, up onto the old dismantled railway track at {NZ 956 025}.

Turning to our right, we went west along the course of the old railway until we reached a road bridge at {NZ 944 026}. Now leaving the railway, we climbed up to the minor road above us; this now took us in a south-westerly direction to Colcroft Farm {NZ 937 021}. From here we followed a footpath that took us through Harry's Folly {NZ 936 017} and across the fields to Low Flask Farm {NZ 930 009} - see the following picture.

Low Flask Farm
Turning left onto the access track to the farm, there was now just a short climb up to the A171 road and, beyond it, the Flask Inn {NZ 930 007} where our expediion terminated.

Many thanks to JB for organising such an interesting and exciting adventure for us today. We had a really great time. Use the buttons below to see where we went, how we did and some of the photographs.




At 3 June 2010 at 16:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoying the report and great photos, Phil. Sorry,but working this working (again)

At 4 June 2010 at 02:19 , Blogger philbee said...

Hello Martin.
Good to hear from you; I hope you are well? Are you doing the CW later this month? I wish you much luck with it - just hope it's not too hot for you. However, you should get plenty of sea breazes to cool you down - until you turn inland that is! Good wishes.

At 4 June 2010 at 06:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, The Cleveland Way never came off, instead, I walked from Helmsley to Middleton in Teesdale via the Cleveland Way, Coast to Coast & Pennine Way. Camping every night for 7 days and the weather was great, lucky me.

Hope to see you soon.



At 4 June 2010 at 12:19 , Blogger philbee said...

Hi Martin,
That sounds like quite a fascinating walk - why didn't the CW come off? We have a good one in the Howgills this weekend. Just hope it's not too hot; but we should get some wind on the top and we're more up than down!


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