Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A-Walking: Hexham Happiness Hike

Our three expeditions this week (Sunday, 15th August) each took place in the Hexham area of Northumberland. The A-Walk set off from Hexham, the B-Walk started at Bardon Mill and the C-Walk commenced at Haydon Bridge. All three walks finished at Bardon Mill.

After leaving Hexham {NY 937 641}, the intent of the A-Walk was to visit Hole House, Dipton Mill, Rebel Hill, Stawardpeel Wood, Plankey MIll and Shaws before arriving at our final destination in Bardon Mill {NY 778 646}.

We left our drop-off point at about 11.15 am. There were nine people in the group: JB, PB, RB, KF, JH, CL, AM, LM, JT. PB led the walk.

From the car park near the swimming pool and sports centre {NY 938 641} we walked in a westerly direction towards Hexham Abbey and market place - see the picture below.

Hexham Abbey
Turning left at the market place, we made our way in a southerly direction to Eastgate {NY 936 639} and then followed a narrow walled footpath to {NY 936 632} where we joined a minor road. We followed this uphill to {NY 935 629} and then took a footpath on our left. We followed this uphill in a southerly direction to the minor road near the reservoir at {NY 935 623}. Continuing along the path and maintaining our southerly bearing we arrived at Hole House {NY 934 611}.

Now turning to the right, we followed the footpath in a westerly direction to Dipton Mill {NY 929 610}. Keeping West Dipton Burn on our left, we made our way through West Dipton Wood to reach the minor road at {NY 88524 61697} near Nubbock Lodge Wood. Staying on the road, we made our way in a southerly direction to West Greenridge {NY 884 608} where we turned onto a south-south-westerly bearing in order to reach the path junction at {NY 880 597}. At this point we turned onto a westerly bearing and trekked across Greenrigg Moor to reach Rebel Hill {NY 846 595}, Brownley Hill {NY 838 591} and Round Meadows Farm {NY 828 591}.

Leaving the farm on a roughly westerly bearing, we now had to trek along minor roads to reach the A686 near the old Staward railway station {NY 806 596} - now a private residence. From here we followed a northerly public footpath to Gingle Pot {NY 805 601}. We descended towards Stawardpeel Wood and entered it at {NY 803 604}. As we went through the wood, we often had some spectacular views of the River Allen on our left.

We navigated a northerly route through the wood to emerge near Plankey Mill {NY 796 621} where we used a footbridge to cross the River Allen.

Plankey Mill
From the bridge, we now had a good climb up through Briarwood Banks to reach the farm and the minor road (Ward Way) that lay beyond it at {NY 789 625}. Turning left along the road, we continued along it for about 390 yards and then turned right onto a public footpath at {NY 785 624}. Following this in a northerly direction, we made our way to Wool House {NY 785 631} and Shaws {NY 782 634}.

From Shaws, we continued our northerly trek to the footbridge that took us over the River Tyne at {NY 781 643}. We next crossed the railway line at {NY 781 644} and continued to the road junction near Mill House Farm {NY 781 645}. Turning left at the road junction, we then made our way to the pottery (see below) in the centre of Bardon Mill {NY 778 646}.

Bardon Mill
Despite the intense heat we experienced during the day, the wonderful views that we were exposed to inspired elements of joy and happiness as we took in the Northumberland landscape during our hike from Hexham to Bardon Mill.

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