Friday, 10 August 2012

A-Walking: Leyburn Circular

Our three walks on Sunday, 5th August, all took place in the Leyburn area of North Yorkshire. The A-walk took the form of a circular route starting at Leyburn itself; the B-walk commenced at Cover Bridge and the C-walk set off from near Jervaulx Abbey. All walks finished in Leyburn.
The A-walk was expertly led by Peter Cull (pictured below) while Les (Peter's brother) acted as an excellent 'back-marker'.
A-walk leader - Peter Cull
We left Leyburn (in the rain) in a westerly direction and walked along Leyburn Shawl - then making our way to the small village of Preston-under-Scar. From here, we followed a north-westerly bearing in order to reach the small lake near Cobscar Mill {SE 062 930}. We stopped here for a short coffee-break.
After our brief stop, we continued in a north-westerly direction along good tracks and a road to reach our lunch-stop location at Dent's Houses {SE 030 941}. We took advantage of the facilities available in the shooting huts in order to facilitate our eating arrangements.
Leaving the lunch-stop venue on a southerly bearing, we progressed to Castle Bolton where we had some splendid views of the castle. Now using a south-easterly going path, we made our way to the lovely village of Redmire. Continuing on our south-easterly bearing we walked across the fields - making our way towards West Wood and Bolton Hall {SE 073 896}. We stopped here for a short tea-break - sitting on one of the surrounding walls!
We left the tea-stop location on an easterly bearing and made our way towards the village of Wensley. After crossing the A684 road, we walked across some very wet and soggy fields to reach Low Wood Lane {SE 109 898}. Turning left onto this, we now trekked uphill in a northerly direction to reach our final destination in Leyburn.
During the day, we had some very mixed weather - alternating between torrential down-pours of rain and warm spells of sunshine. Despite the 'strange' weather conditions, we had a great day.
Many thanks to Peter for planning and leading the walk. Incidentally, this was Peter's first A-walk lead for the club. Well done!
Some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink button below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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