Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hedgehope Hill Re-visited

On the weekend of 27th July, we (Jane and Phil) undertook an expedition to Wooler and Wark in Northumberland. The purpose of our visit was two-fold: first, to climb The Cheviot (on Saturday); and then, on Sunday, to undertake a more leisurely circular walk from the riverside village of Wark. The purpose of the latter was to check-out a section of Phil's forthcoming A-walk from Brocolitia (via Wark) to Housesteads on 26th August. We used the Coquetvale Hotel in Rothbury as our base-camp.
The picture below shows a view of Hedgehope Hill as seen from our easterly descent-path off The Cheviot. The hill depicted in this picture is the one that the A-Walkers climbed during the Club's last visit to Northumberland - see here and here for more details of that event.
 Hedgehope Hill from The Cheviot

During Saturday's walk we covered a distance of 19 miles and incurred a total ascent of 3650 feet. Our anti-clockwise circular route took us via Commonburn House and Goldscleugh (going out) and involved ascents (and descents) of Scald Hill and Broadhope Hill on the return trip. The route we took can be seen by clicking on the button below.

As mentioned previously, Sunday's circular walk (from Wark) was far more leisurely - a mere 4.8 miles! However, the time to cover the distance was quite substantial - 3 hours and 42 minutes! Most of the 'stop time' for this walk (over 2 hours!) was devoted to building some 'stepping stones' in order to facilitate a subsequent crossing of Warks Burn at {NY 853 765} when the A-Walkers get there on 26th August. Jane was instrumental in designing and building the crossing point (see the picture below) - I merely collected and carried some of the stones for her!
 Jane building a stepping stone

During the weekend we had two really great days in Northumberland - and discovered numerous other places that we would like to visit on future occasions.
Some of the photos that we took during today's walking expedition can be seen by clicking on the pink buttons below:

Many thanks to Jane Thompson and Phil Barker for taking the photographs.



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